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Smaller Countries

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The Wave country is a small island nation which was once under the harsh rule of the shipping baron Gat˘. Located off the coast of the Fire Country, the islands became impoverished because of the strong grip Gat˘ had over the shipping and transportation in the region. He ruled through fear, and anyone who dared stand in his way he had murdered as a warning. When Gat˘ was finally killed, Tazuna the bridge builder was able to finish his bridge and connect the country to the mainland. Thus the bridge allowed the country to become prosperous once again.
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This is the home to the hidden snow village. This country was constantly housed in the season of Winter until the old generator was activated. The activation of this generator allowed for the season of Spring to be introduced. This is a peacful country that has a small force of ninja. and is lead by the Kazehana family.
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Rice Field

The Rice Field country is marked by forests and rice fields. The country had been marked by conflict in the past, with wars with neighboring countries taking a heavy toll on its clans like the Fuuma. It was this constant strife that provided the country with enough reason to welcome Orochimaru in the hopes he could make them powerful. The current proper name of the country is unknown, citizens refer to it as the "Rice Field Country" while Sound ninja refer to it as the "Sound Country." The difference arising because of "Rice Field's" filler origin, but inuniverse it could be because the Sound think of it as their country now. The country shares borders Fire and two as of yet unnamed countries.
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The Rain Country is one of the mostly unrevealed lands in the series. The country resembles most of the other countries, with forests dotting the landscape. It is unknown why the country is called Rain; it may be due to seasonal showers which give the region more rainfall than other countries. The country shares borders with Earth, Fire, Grass, River, Wind and Bird. Being centrally located between many of these countries has caused it to be their battleground in past wars. This strife caused the country to adopt strict border control. Any visitors must clearly state their purpose, length of stay and be kept under constant surveillance. This applies even when Rain holds the Chuunin Exams.
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The Moon Country is located in a southern sea and includes Crescent Moon Island. The country draws its name from the shape of the island itself. Due to its location, the country experiences mild weather and a constant summer state. This helped it become a popular tourist retreat along with its entertainment and gambling establishments. At one point the country hired wandering ninja; however it currently maintains no ninja village. A ninja has been shown to wear a headband bearing a crescent moon, but no direct connection to this island has been made as of yet.
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The Grass country contains some of the more widely varried landscapes in the series, with forests, grasslands, mountains, rivers and bamboo thickets dotting it. The country shares borders with Earth, Fire, Rain and Waterfall. Because the country lies between Earth and Fire, it has been in invaded by the Earth Country during previous ninja wars. To avoid Earth gaining a foothold next to the Fire Country border, many Leaf ninja came to Hidden Grass's aid during the war. This resulted in many skimishes taking place within its borders.
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Demon Country

Little is known about the demon country, however, it appears to be the center point of much corruption and chaos. There are things that occur here no one can explain. An aura of evil is always felt when entering this place.
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