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 The Akane Clan

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PostSubject: The Akane Clan   Mon Sep 22, 2008 1:37 pm



Kekkei Genkai:

Members of the clan may include half-breeds, humans fused with the DNA of beasts, or just humans who have adopted the traditions, studies, and culture of the Akane. Fusions can be undergone before birth, when the DNA accompanying the fertilization within the mother contains origin of another species, such as a human mother and half-breed father, human father and half-breed mother, or both parents being half-breeds. However, fusion can take place shortly after the birth of the child, where the DNA of the child is fused with the selected species and develops along with the child overtime.

When a fusion is successful, the child will obtain characteristics of both human and other said species as they age and grow. Such characteristics include ears from the said species, tails, claws, fangs, and sometimes even fur. With these characteristics, the child may also develop keen senses according to their species, such as advanced sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch. Additional characteristics may include speed enhancement, endurance, acrobatics, flexibility, etc. depending on the fused species. The child basically takes after both human and beast traits.

The only known completely successful fusions in this breed are those of the canine or feline species. Attempted experimental fusions of other species failed, and therefore had horrible results, some living, some not. Those living results suffer from the many side effects of the disaster, whether it is deformed appearance or internal corruption. Deformation may include rough, irritably dry skin with rashes that look and feel like burns, as well as unsymmetrical halves, such as one half of the body taking appearance of a beast and the other of a human or something as simple as two different colored eyes, and lastly, disabled body parts, meaning that they may have a body part but they cannot move or use it.

Clan History:

The Akane clan is a group focused on nature. They once settled among the humans, but eventually went into hiding when they started their strange experiments in fear that conflict between their ideas of fusing humans and beasts may rise to violence, making them discretely known. Their main village was Arata, a small village on the outskirts of the Fire Country led by a man, and half-breed himself, Mariko Akane. Ancestors of the clan studied the anatomy and genetics of humans and animals, finding similarities and differences in DNA. After many years of research and failed experiments, they discovered a way to combine both genes of humans and beasts and planned to continue their research and experiments to create an advanced race of half-breeds. They tested these experiments on their own people, causing most of their members to have some genes of both human and creature, making them a very unique group not only because of their strange findings and ideas, but their appearance as well.

The clan strived on their genius genetic and scientific discoveries, also finding ways to manipulate DNA so that future generations wouldn’t carry harmful genes, such as genetic diseases. When they weren’t putting their brains to work in their labs, they were farming and ranching, producing for their small village and trading with surrounding villages. However, only outsiders who were deemed trustworthy enough were allowed to enter Arata, and even then they had an escort. This was done to protect the villagers from any angry strangers in opposition to their ways of life, as well as prevent pure violence within the peaceful village.

Unfortunately, simple guards weren’t enough to keep these dangerous mad men away from their prized village. A group of opposing shinobi attacked the village one fateful day, burning the village homes and killing any villagers in sight. Their leader was hung before their very eyes, and those who stopped to stare at the horrifying event were struck down. However, it didn’t stop there. Men in alliance with the assassins attacked the smaller Akane villages as well. Few families escaped, there were little survivors of the massacre. Those who were fortunate enough to live were forced astray from the very ground their ancestors once dwelled and their homes once stood, never to return again, in fear that the crazed enemies may continue their hunt to rid of them once and for all…

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PostSubject: Re: The Akane Clan   Tue Oct 14, 2008 4:36 am

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The Akane Clan
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