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 Assassination Equipment.

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PostSubject: Assassination Equipment.   Sat Jan 03, 2009 2:49 pm

Hidden Retractable Blade

The Retractable Blade is a hidden blade usually worn on the underside of a guantlet, worn on either the left or right lower arm, usually the left(Depends, its the opposite of your dominant hand). It is a three part folding mechanism, that is activated by a smiple flicker of the hand, releasing the blade to its full length silently. This can be used for high or low profile kills, easily able to slide out to its full length. This can also be used for short range fighting, as it is a blade. The blade can be coated in any type of poison, making it more lethal. Because of its small size, it is usually undetectable.

Short Sword/Long Knife

This is simply either a very long knife, or a very short sword, created by Senshi. Because of its short length, it ca be easily carried anywhere, and hidden easily. It is light-weight and balanced, making strikes and slashes faster than normal swords. Can be coated in poison to make it lethal.


An unamed poison created and used by Senshi, this poison is extremley lethal, and serves 2 purposes. 1.) Once the cut area is coated with a small amount of poison, the poison burns at the wound, causing pain, and keeping it open, creating continous blood loss. It also burns at the blood, preventing clotting. By three posts, the target afflicted with the poison will start to feel light-headed and dizzy due to blood loss. 2.) Some of the blood makes it inside the blood stream, and proceeds to attack the nervous system, causing a burning sensation to spread throughout the body, causing large amounts of REAL pain. After 2 posts, this will end. The target is left heavily shaking and not being able to move as fast or react as fast. Will feel weak all over. Purple/Black in color.

Truth Serum

Truth Serum, as the name suggests, as a Truth "poison", to call it, that is usually snuck into a target's food or drink. Created by Senshi, the Truth Serum acts quickly, as merley 3 drops will suffice. It immediatley travels to the brain, and starts to force it to awnser questions the user has without question, making simple interrogation easy and swift. The target is forced to awnser against his will, even if thet target has sworn to not reveal the information. The target will not notice anything until after the interrogation is complete and the truth serum wears off, then they will become aware of what they have done. Colorless, Odorless, nearly impossible to detect, the Truth Serum is the easiest way for interrogation and information to be extracted from a victim. Not normally used in battle.
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PostSubject: Re: Assassination Equipment.   Sat Jan 03, 2009 2:55 pm

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Assassination Equipment.
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