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 Maigo Una/Seu Nara *surprises-ish

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PostSubject: Maigo Una/Seu Nara *surprises-ish   Thu Jan 08, 2009 1:29 pm

Basic Character Information:
Name: Maigo Una: Means to be lost ( once known as Seu Nara)
Age: ? (Looks 23)
Gender: Female
Clan: Unknown /Nara

Tall women standing at 5’8’’, slender and lean. Her cheeks are slight sunken in from months of malnourishment, and her body is petite if not scrawny. Some would call her beautiful, but most don’t get close enough to see through her bulk of clothing. Large gold eyes, and short collar lengthen black hair. However dyes it a dull red with hena to hide the fact of her darker hair.
Her right side is nearly crippled do to a tremendous fall or trauma. This injury gives her a slight limp to which she has to use a crutch for most support. There are also burn scars along her right side that have fine lines against her cheek bones, and jaw line. Though faint upon her face. She hides a rather nasty disfigure by wearing long green skirts, and near wrist to ankle clothing.

Personality: Maigo is still in a sense of fog. Having lost most of her memory Maigo tends to distance herself when confronted on social, political, or international matters. She simply dose not have the skills, or memory to cohere the diplomatics. Silent when around other to the point most would assume her mute. However this only because the inability to express her thoughts or feelings. She is mostly a loving women, caring for the local children, or animals. found to be intelligent often working on little projects that purely her own invention. She hard working, and thorough. NO stone unturned.
Maigo tends to have a severe case of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) When ever there is a sense of danger, Maigo calms up, and begins to tremble. This disorder is paralyzing to her, and even in the slightest upset she can turn in on herself. Because of her lost memory it is uncertain were this phobia has originated from.

Maigo doesn’t seem to get angry at all she is rather submissive, but that could be a defense to cohort danger or hostile situations. She is often trying her best to discourage arguing, or fighting. She is very kind and goes out of her way to help any of the people with in her village. She may not have many skills but sometimes she finds her self able to take on a task she has no recollection of learning. Which is why she tinkers with nearly everything she can find. it’s a compulsion almost to fidget with anything near her.
Other qualities: Maigo is scared of the dark, and of fire. She hates salty foods, and likes to be around lots of animals. Maigo is attacked to shiney objects, and tends to lose her self in them. She also enjoys riding, sewing, and cooking

Basic Clan Information : (NOTE: Though I am using Seu as back ground her “Nara arts” Are repressed, and wont be used unless story oriented.)

Kekkei Gekkei:
Chakra Cost:
Special Effect:
Link: [Link to approved clan. It works best if the Clan is done in the Clan Section before the Character is done here. This only applies to Clans to Kekkei Genkais.]

Skill and Rank Information
Village: Iwagakure
Rank: Citizen

Special Characteristics: ~ Scars, and a crippled right side due to extensive trauma
Special Effects: N/A
Elements: Unknown
Skills Specialties: Ability to create basic, superior, machine mechanisms. Sewing, crafting, building, or unraveling intricate puzzles. Riding, or herding sheep or cattle ect is near naturalistic. Impeccable aim, and range. Maigo is skilled very highly with a bow and arrow.

History and RP Sample
Maigo was found in a river bed washed up nearly five months ago. Her body was severely burned, broken, with massive injures to her cranium, and right side. Due to this excessive trauma Maigo had completely lost her memory. She was nearly in a infantile state when Ko found her. Feeling pity for the women Ko and elderly miner took her home and his family nursed her back to health.
It took nearly three months for the strange women to be completely healed. Even then her motor skills were very hampered and the assistance of a crutch was needed. Maigo seemed to have basic skills return to her. However her memory of who she was, were she was from, or why she had come to be in the river in such a state was beyond her.
They Minders wife named her “Maigo” “meaning lost”. They began to raise her as their own daughter teaching her how to help with the family farm, and other domestic skills
Weeks past and natural skills began to return to the shy, skitter girl Who would shriek at any loud noise or explosion.

Loud noises, fighting, arguing or even the slight surprise would send Miago into a panic. Curling up under the desk or her bed shivering like a scared puppy. It would take days sometimes for her to come out of a near panic state. Infact many phobias were revealed. Miago had once been working in the field one evening and soon it became very dark. When the poor girl realized she had stayed out she began to cry out to her brothers. Nearly frozen in fear from the deep darkness around her. She was paralyzed and had to be carried back into the house. She feared the fire place or any source more then a candle flame. Even then she would snuff out the light with a long snifter, or blow out the flames with a large fan. Swords, knifes, kunai, any weapons tend to have her uneasy, and she will flee or cower when threatened with any blade.

Maigo soon became as one of the family and citizens of Iwasgakure Her genius was soon discovered when one day working on the farm. The pullies in the barn had stopped working. When her “Father, and brothers” decided to go into market to purchase new ones they left Maigo to continue her chores. However when they returned not only had Miago fixed the pulley, but devised a way that the systems in the barn could be used more defiantly, and with little Feiffer. Infact Maigo tended to do strange things like that a lot, and would artistically carve out strange faces, or strange symbols that were even meaningless to her. “I see them in my dreams.’ She would say, but meekly and only to her “father.” Many skills erupted from the strange girl who washed up on the river banks.
Though most weapons scare the women. Her father had at least forced her to learn a bow and arrow. Hoping the by using the weapons he would get over her fear of them. Maigo was natural at the archery. Able to hit many of her targets with ease, her hands seemed almost skilled to the weapon. However she carries the bow it is very rare.. Very rare she ever uses it out side of practice. Her tips are blunted as well, and barely only for marksmen’s ship.

Before this strange women was washed on the shore she was known as Seu Nara. A women who had worked her was up the ladder in Konohagakure. Even making Hokage but there were foul things a foot and she was over taken by her council members in a swift and long planed coupe d’eate. After her capture, torture, and interrogation her attackers quickly went to dispose of the women. Seu put of the fight of her life, and though severely disadvantaged somehow managed to escape with her life unknown by to the ones who betrayed her.
(AH HA! I did both! OH delicious plot how I missed you. Seu‘s entire history is available upon request. However Seeing as its only foreshadowing plot I drought it necessary since Maigo is a new persona)

Rp Sample:
“What are you carving now Maigo?” Asked Ko sitting next to his new daughter as the dawns paint began to break over the horizon.
“I don’t know. I never know.” She told him softly in her deep ,but sweet voice. “I see so many faces in my dreams. I see things I could never understand. Light, and bright objects. Screams…” Maigo’s eyes looked to her left feeling a slight pull of unknown shame. It was a nawing thing to know who she had been. However it was not her most pounding of thoughts. There would be no way she could survive a trip to find her origins. Nor did she care. The past was gone, and it had been taken from her. The slender women excepted that, and would not pursh natures way. Maigo was very comfortable here, in a little farm, with little known or cared about. Happy to simply be alive!

“Do you think you will leave us?” Asked ko a bit apprehensively seeing Maigo again go silent and into a world of her own thoughts.
“OH NO! no! how could I! Leave the ones who took me in as family. OH father I don’t know who I am. Why does it matter? I don’t even know my age. I could..” Maigo sighed and felt her bottom lip tremble. Something pushed in her a longing to know. A desire bruning to be let out. A soft yelp came from her, and Maigo forced down the urge \ like a snake ready to strike.
Ko though, Ko understood one day Maigo would be faced with her past. One day she have to come to the revelations that she was so scared to know. Someone might recognize her from other places. He was surprised no one had come to look for her. Her past was so mysterious it was that of songs, and poets. She have to face her destiny one day.. This bright girl. But for now.. For now she could sit on his porch twiddle strange places, and work in the fields. For now it didn’t matter who had been but who she was now.

A sweet slightly skittish, loving young women who seemed to a shadow of her self.
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PostSubject: Re: Maigo Una/Seu Nara *surprises-ish   Thu Jan 08, 2009 4:02 pm

well I will assume that even though I do not currently have my admin powers to move this I can still approve, there is nothing wrong with the app and its utterly brilliant,
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PostSubject: Re: Maigo Una/Seu Nara *surprises-ish   Thu Jan 08, 2009 8:47 pm

Oh, very interesting indeed. moved.
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PostSubject: Re: Maigo Una/Seu Nara *surprises-ish   

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Maigo Una/Seu Nara *surprises-ish
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