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 Shiranui Organization

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Kushinada Hyuuga
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S Rank Missing Nin

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PostSubject: Shiranui Organization   Wed Jan 14, 2009 12:04 pm

This is an already existing organization here on NRR, but I have been given permission by Cirrus to take over the mantle of Leader and breathe new life into the Shiranui.

Organization Name: Shiranui.

Founder: Kushinada Hyuuga.

Status: Recruiting.

Location: Moon Country – Village Hidden Under The Moon. This was chosen as the location of their hideout because the local weapons dealer and two of the local food-sellers a friends of Kushinara’s, and secretly provide weaponry and produce in return for Shiranui’s protection of their village.

Requirements: S-Rank Missing-nin, a ‘morally good’ alignment.

Organization Goals: The ultimate goal of the Shiranui is the eliminate the Akatsuki. However, they have been known to take justice into their own hands in dealing with other criminals.

Description: The Shiranui are an organization of vigilante shinobi, whose ultimate goal is to eliminate the criminal organization known as ‘Akatsuki’. They do, however, often deal with other criminals. Most of the ninja villages are aware of the existence of Shiranui, but not its purpose. As such, its members are not considered ‘wanted’ and are not in the bingo book. However, they are also not accepted into normal society or into villages that know of them. They would have to wear their cloaks to pass into a village relatively unnoticed. There are ten members of Shiranui, all of them missing-nin. Despite this label, they are all ‘morally good’, and have the welfare of others at heart.

History & Origins: Eighteen months ago, Kushinara Hyuuga deserted her village of Konohagakure, and became a missing-nin. She did not do this out of any sort of grudge against her village, but for the greater good – delivering dangerous criminals to justice. In particular, the organization known as Akatsuki. She spent her first six months travelling between countries, gathering information. When she had finished this task, she set about re-establishing old connections in the Moon country, where she had one or two allies. The following few months saw Kushi design and establish the vigilante organization Shiranui. It took her the best part of six more months – searching for a suitable location for a base of operations; developing the base so that it would suit the Shiranui’s needs; having the robes and weaponry made; and seeking out the shinobi she wanted in her organization. Shiranui has now been ‘open’ for six weeks, and Kushinara is expecting the first members that she invited to arrive soon.

Shiranui-exclusive Items: Each member has a personal pendant, and wears the customary white-red Shiranui robes.


There are ten of these pendants in total, each made from a different gem. They are relative to their owner (in that, the pendant a member receives is specifically for them and them only, for whatever reason) and each is unique. For more information, click [url=???]here[/url] to view the item registration page.

Shiranui-exclusive Techniques:
Current Members: Kushinada Hyuuga [Leader].
Positions Taken: 1/10.
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PostSubject: Re: Shiranui Organization   Wed Jan 14, 2009 8:56 pm

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Shiranui Organization
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