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 Kamizuki Nara (Finito)

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Fruit Loop

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PostSubject: Kamizuki Nara (Finito)   Thu Mar 26, 2009 9:46 pm

Basic Character Information:
Name: Kamizuki Nara
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Clan: Nara

Looks:Kamizuki Nara; He's 16 years old. 5"5' 115 pound male. He has a light blue hair that comes down past his ears. he doesn't bother to do anything to it, no combing, styling, nothing. He just wakes up and leaves it as is. He has a pale complexion and light blue eyes. Kamizuki wears a green jacket with fur lining the top of the hood. The jacket comes down to his waist and has an abundance of buttons on it. He normally wears black pants and black shoes and frequently has gloves on.


Personality: Kamizuki is a person of few words. He doesn't like to voice his opinion too much. But when he does it's a carefully thought out phrase. Others see him as the quite shy type; however, he is far from this. Kamizuki is not shy in the slightest, he is just not very outspoken with how he feels. He prefers to keep his company very limited, interacting with more than one or two people at a time is too much effort for him. He is rather lazy and will procrastinate with just about everything he does. Kamizuki is not a complicated person, he has very simple tastes. Eating, sleeping and music basically rule his life. He doesn't like conflicts too much and prefers to avoid fights and arguments with people. It's not as if he is not capable in a fight, it's more the fact that he would prefer to take a nap or do something more appealing to him.

His favorite food is dango and he loves eating it whenever and wherever he can, Mitarashi dango to be more specific. He doesn’t necessarily have a favorite place to sleep at, but he does prefer to be outside. He loves nature and finds it very relaxing to be surrounded by it as he drifts off into his own little world. He is obsessed with the snow even though he hates being cold. Seeing him without a jacket is very rare. Kamizuki is frequently found at the hot springs lounging about in the water, this is his all time favorite place to be. He enjoys the atmosphere and the calming feel of the hot water against his skin. Anything that makes him warm he loves.

His attitude towards the opposite sex is something rather complicated. Normally he is not the shy type but when he sees a female he loses any kind of nerve he had before. His face will turn red and getting him to talk is something of a miracle. He doesn’t know how to make casual conversation and will fumble with all of his words. People think this is funny but Kamizuki is embarrassed a lot by this. He tries to avoid being around women… frankly put they scare him to death. He thinks they are complicated and are always trying to trick him. This has thrown his love life into shambles; there is currently nobody that he can talk to. Hence why he prefers to be alone.

In a fight Kamizuki doesn't stray to far from his basic personality. He will do everything in his power to stop a fight before it happens and prefers the more peaceful route to ending a conflict. If he does get into a fight Kamizuki will do his best to not hurt anyone involved. Having a guilty conscious makes fighting to hard for him. If someone was hurt he would not likely forgive himself. He prefers to stay on defense when dragged into a fight. It allows him to analyze his opponent and formulate a plan that will end the fight quickly without anyone being hurt.

Basic Clan Information
Kekkei Gekkei:N/A
Chakra Cost: N/A
Description:This clan from Konoha Village is known for its ability to manipulate their shadow. Utilizing this ability the clan member can attach their shadow to the shadow of another individual, and then take control of the user. Resulting in the affected person replicating or "shadowing" the exact movements in mirror form of the clan member

The Nara clan (“ޗljÆ, Nara ke?, "Nara Family") is known for their manipulation of shadows and tending of deer. They have kept a book with medicine preparations and effects for generations. Among the medicine described in this book are the secret pills used by the Akimichi clan.

In general, the men of the Nara Clan are lazy, preferring to spend a day idling away. However, the women of the Nara clan are the exact opposite, and have overbearing and domineering natures to their mates.

The Nara clan also has a medical research facility within the land of Hi no Kuni, and have many medical nin making up their ranks. Most Nara are Ninjutsu specialists and tacticians.

Special Effect: This clan from Konoha Village is known for its ability to manipulate their shadow. Utilizing this ability the clan member can attach their shadow to the shadow of another individual, and then take control of the user. Resulting in the affected person replicating or "shadowing" the exact movements in mirror form of the clan member
Link: [url=][/url]

Skill and Rank Information
Village: Konohakagure
Rank: Genin

Special Characteristics: Can manipulate shadows. Is good at formulating strategies on the go.
Special Effects:

Elements: Earth
Skills Specialties: Ninjutsu/Genjutsu

History and RP Sample

Childhood Arc:
Kamizuki was born into the Nara clan in Konohagakure. He was a lazy child from the very start and never actually had any desire to become a ninja. He was more than happy just going outside everyday and laying in the forest, surrounded by the deer of his clan. Kamizuki was care free and lackadaisical. He would never do work that his parents wanted him to do and he would never train like his mother wanted him to. He took after his father in many ways. He was a brilliant child, just completely lacking in motivation. Kamizuki got along very well with his father, they were similar in almost every way. Unfortunately for them, because they were so similar interaction between each of them was limited. Kamizuki like his father preferred the solace of nature. They would spend more time out in the forest sleeping than actually talking to others. He and his mother have a strange relationship. In short she scares the living daylights out of him. He doesn't know how to talk to her and ask her any questions. She just yells at him and he does what he's told. This is the reason he even entered the Academy.

Academy Arc:
Kamizuki's time in the academy was lengthy. Most of the time he did not even go to his classes; however, he did know all of the materials and jutsu that were being taught. He was extremely smart and could generally master a technique in a few days if need be. That is of course if he actually went to the Academy for more than fifteen minutes. Each and every time he would leave his home his mother would follow him. She'd make sure he went to class, once she'd leave so would he. He would sneak out of class and go to the forest and just sleep. Kamizuki was entered into the Academy when he was twelve years old. He spent about four years in the there mostly asleep but when it came to taking the final exams he passed with flying colors. His family was happy for him and he couldn't really care less. It was nice to have the recognition but it was not a big deal for him. So he just kind of brushed it aside like it was nothing.

Genin Arc:
Kamizuki is now a genin. He has yet to be given a team and doesn't really care either way if he ever gets one.

Rp Sample:Hagane was happy she was sharing with him; it was good to share in his opinion. If people didn’t share their thoughts their brains would implode from all of the baggage. People get overloaded quite often and Hagane was all too familiar with the feeling. He was all alone for years with no one to talk to but himself, that kind of solitude can drive someone crazy. The same goes for Rika, being surrounded by all these people yet having no one close to her that she can confide in. Both situations were detrimental to a persons psyche, having no one to listen to you was like spending an eternity in solitary confinement. Horrible and silent with nothing to comfort you other than the walls that makes up your lonely prison. Day after day having the silence gnaws on your sanity, and then finally it breaks you and you do something rash. You do something that you can’t recover from, something that could ruin the rest of your life.

Rika began to tell the tale of her ex-fiancé; she told Hagane that the man was a Jounin of the village who went by the name of Nagato. Rika said he was dead, but she choked on the last word. Hagane instantly knew this was the reason she was so upset, hearing her choke on those last words made it all clear now. Something bad happened to the one she loved and she had felt responsible for it. As she chocked on the word Hagane pulled her closer he brushed the hair from her face and kissed her on the forehead, hoping to comfort her if only a little. He released his lips and then embraced her firmly; he wanted her to feel secure with him. She kept on divulging more and more of the story to Hagane, she told him of her and her fiancé’s life together. Of how they became Anbu and how they where praised in secrecy as the two most talented assassins of the village.

Hagane was not necessarily surprised by some of the story. He could tell from her tattoo on her right shoulder that she was once a member, if not a current member of the Anbu. The Anbu is group of elite ninja that focused on assassinations and reconnaissance for the village. To think Rika was apart of them and she was an Uchiha was quite a scary thought. Hagane came to the conclusion that she would be a very, very dangerous enemy. Rika had more saddening news to tell him however. She had killed her fiancé, during their last mission together. Apparently he had gone crazy and attacked her. She blacked out and she killed him. Again Hagane was not surprised in the slightest by this information; she seemed to be a quite skilled in the art of killing and was a character whom he would not like to get into a confrontation with. At least not a one on one conflict, the best way to deal with an Uchiha was to strike from behind. Doing this in a one on one would be extremely difficult due to their sharingan eyes. Hagane snapped out of his analysis for a moment. "These are the eyes of a cold hearted killer. Thats all I can ever be now." Hagane released her from his chest slightly and gazed into her eyes. The sharingan had changed and he did not know why, he could feel in the pit of his stomach though that this sharingan was truly a step above the rest. He could feel the power emanating from them. They where entrancing to Hagane, drawing him in and making him feel powerless in their presence. He quickly snapped out of this and focused himself more on her problems. She nuzzled back into his chest and he secured her again.

“Don’t talk like that princess; you can be so much more than that. I know just how you feel, when I was younger I left my village and I was pursed by the love of my life and one of out best friends. Both wanted me dead. I didn’t want to kill them; in fact I just wanted them to leave me alone. Seeing their faces brought so much pain upon my heart that it was to hard to bear. Even the memories I had of them where enough to bring me to my knees at anytime. I was truly a mess. Well they caught up to me one day and I was forced into a corner, not literally of course but figuratively. They had me and there was no way they would let me leave alive. My best friend charged at me and I had no other option, I detached myself emotionally and stabbed her very own kunai through her neck. I watched her bleed out on the ground in front of me and I couldn’t do anything to stop it, she was dead in seconds. My former love was on the ground crying her eyes out screaming at me, blaming me for all of the trouble they had incurred. She didn’t even know the real reason I left the village and I wasn’t about to tell her. It would only bring more sadness upon her shattered frame. That was the worst day of my life, and after it I knew I needed to change. So I moved here to the lead village to start fresh. Before moving though I was faced with a similar problem. I too could only see myself as a hapless murderer and a villain. I was killing myself slowly with antagonism, everyday I would think negatively on life and I would think about removing myself from it. Suicide didn’t seem like such a bad option for me. I had attempted to kill myself multiple times before coming to the leaf. Each time though I couldn’t follow through with it. I was a wandering mess; it wasn’t until I met the previous Hokage here, that I had decided my life held no purpose. He gave me purpose, and that purpose healed me. It was now my duty to protect the village and help all of its inhabitants. I may be shunned by some for once being a missing nin, but I don’t care. It is not my job to be liked it is my job to help and serve these people. That is what helped me. So I am going to help you” Hagane paused for a moment and moved his head closer to her ears and in a whisper he said. “The purpose I give to you is to stop these tears and show me that beautiful smile of yours princess; lighten up the village with your smile and you will see what kind of benevolence it creates. You would be surprised at how much having someone smile can change your day. Watching as they enjoy life and take pleasure in what they do everyday, seeing them dutifully perform their daily tasks and take happiness in it. It’s truly a sight that warms my heart. Life is far too short for a beautiful woman such as yourself to frown so much.”

Hagane didn’t know how Rika would take these words, but he had hoped that they were of some use to her. He wanted nothing more now than to see her happy again. He felt as if it was his duty to make her happy, he would share his love with her if she would only accept it. It was ultimately her choice as to whether or not she cheered up, but Hagane could definitely help the process. “I’ll tell ya what princess, I’ll make a pact with you. For every day that you smile for me I’ll do something nice for you. How does that sound? I’ll even let you choose what the nice thing will be. It can be anything, whatever your precious heart desires. Sound good to you?” He hoped he was getting through to her if only a little bit. She had opened up to him and he had opened up to her. Hagane had felt like he and Rika had grown close, even though they had only known each other for the better half of a day and a lot of that time she was passed out. However, Hagane still felt a connection to Rika. Perhaps it was because they had experienced a similar past or perhaps the two were fated to be together. Whatever the connection was Hagane could feel it clearly, and he wondered if Rika could as well. He gazed down at Rika who was still wrapped up in his arms and he pulled her onto his lap. Hagane was gentle however so that the wound on her thigh did not open. When he pulled her onto his lap they where now face to face and Hagane was looking for her answer to his questions. He was gazing into her beautiful green eyes just biding his time, awaiting the response to come.

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Fruit Loop

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PostSubject: Re: Kamizuki Nara (Finito)   Wed Apr 01, 2009 1:54 pm


Clan Jutsu

Basic Jutsu

Earth Jutsu
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PostSubject: Re: Kamizuki Nara (Finito)   Wed Apr 01, 2009 4:58 pm

Looks like Approved material to me. ;P
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PostSubject: Re: Kamizuki Nara (Finito)   

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Kamizuki Nara (Finito)
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