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 Fuyu Ookami Clan

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PostSubject: Fuyu Ookami Clan   Wed Apr 08, 2009 12:29 pm

Name:Fuyu Ookami (Winter Wolf)

Origin:Snow Country

Kekkei Gekkei: This blood line lets the user use ice jutsus as there blood line. Also allows the clan member to control ice as there blood line jutsu If they can use a S rank jutsu.

Eyes- by living in the snow for over a thousand years the clan has evolved there eyes to the point in which they can see through snow and ice so they can live and easier life in the area they lived in. it is natural evolution in which they took part in to adapt to there surroundings to survive better.

Ice control
Chakra Cost-
Element- ice
Controls all ice, constantly in use when first used and continues through there.

Frozen aura
Chakra Cost-
Element- ice
There is an four inch think layer of 20 degrees of cold around the users body that is at a continues flow of chakra sent to it.

The Fuyu Ookami clan has the ability of ice manipulation and ice control. Do to them living in the snow country and a part of the snow country that is almost always in a blizzard, the members of the clan gain small amounts of ice manipulation when they are very young so they can survive where they live. As they become a stronger ninja so does there ability of ice manipulation get stronger as they grow.

The ice manipulation ability is gained when most young ones turn the age of five years old, cause at that point in time they run around outside in the snow most of the time and it can become very dangerous out there so there body and blood line evolve to where they can make sure the child can live through the weather. The ice manipulation only allows the clan member to use ice jutsus freely in a way it is easier for them to use ice jutsus then any one else who had to combine elements to gain ice.

The ice control is an ability gained through harsh training in the blizzard mountains of the snow country where a clan member who is capable of learning an S rank jutsu must go through the rigorous training of with standing and controlling there body temperature at 20 degrees. They must do this rigorous body temperature change for themselves in order to become one with the ice, to become as cold as the ice in which allows a connection between the ice and the clan member who is trying to learn this jutsu. They first learn Frozen aura which is the rigorous body temperature change in which there character must always stay in temperatures no higher then 40 degree or they are surly to die after a while. By becoming one with the ice to control it just like the ice they cannot survive in high temperatures. After learning the Frozen Aura a clan member then can learn ice control by slowly highly developing his ice manipulation to ice control.

Special Effect: ice manipulation and ice control

Clan History:
The Fuyu Ookami clan is a clan that lives in the snow country but in a blizzard area in which they can not be found. They are a very old clan that is supposed to be exterminated for its attempt to trying to cover the world in ice but had failed do to konoha. Most of the clan after the attempt fled to the areas they knew they could not be found, however before they could get to these extreme blizzard areas they were tracked down and killed. Only a few children were able to escape the clans massacre into the blizzard areas of the snow country. From there they did what they could to survive and started to develop there abilities without anyone being able to teach them anymore. They clan had very few members for many decades. They built houses out of the snow and grew to be able to live in such harsh weathers with much ease.

After a few hundred years the clan grew strong again, but not strong enough to do anything to anyone. The clan had developed into a new version of what it used to be, they developed better ice manipulation skills, the ability to see through the snow through natural evolution of adapting to there surroundings, and some even gained the ability to control ice. The clan now has almost hundred members and is not so much extinct now but starting to flourish at this point in time(note not the actually current point in time just that point in time in the past.). The village they had created flourished and grew to an immense size. A visitor had came upon the village once when he had gotten lost in the blizzard, the clan helped him out and sent him to the direction which he had wanted to go but that was the first mistake of the clan. Though there history is lost to them of why there clan was almost all killed of, but the rest of the world still heard tells about the clan, the winter wolfs as they called them and still had much fear of them from long ago at there one attempt to freeze the world. That man returned with many men in which to try to kill off the clan once again, the feeble men did not stand a chance when they had first killed one of the children who came up to greet them. The clan killed the whole mob of people who were trying to kill them. The clan new then that they were still hunted down and killed and moved further into the mountains to terrain no normal human can withstand and most ninja as well. They were not found again for another few hundred years, but the tales of which had taken place that day are still told.

Current moment in time in which the clan exists. The clan is living in the high blizzard mountains in the snow country. The clan has grown very large, and is at the peak of which it has never been at before, even before the extermination of the clan. The clan still hoping for themselves not to be hunted anymore sent a few members out to a village they new about to see if they were still hunted or not. A few days later only one out of five returned and he was nearly dead to begin with. He told his tail of what had happened and the clan new they were still hunted. Small bands of ninjas came to kill of the clan but figured out very quickly that the clan was just as large as any one of the five main villages, those that escaped told there kages about what was happening and exaggerated and stated that the clan was trying to once again freeze over the world. For the first time since the clans first extermination not all five main countries had worked together to do anything till now when they tried to exterminate the clan once again. The ninjas from all villages came poring into the mountains, many had died but not enough to stop there attacks on the clan. In the end the clan with a fraction of what was left abandoned there homes and went even further into the mountains. A few of the villages left ninja there to make sure that if the clan would ever try to leave they would be killed off. Now twenty years later after that carnage had taken place the clan has few members left but still hold much strength with there strongest members surviving the attack twenty years ago. Those who had lost there families grew up with much anger and rage towards those who had killed them all off.
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S Rank Missing Nin
S Rank Missing Nin

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PostSubject: Re: Fuyu Ookami Clan   Sun Apr 12, 2009 3:34 pm

The Fuyu Ookami is approved by Akatsuki standards. Requesting admin approval on this.
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PostSubject: Re: Fuyu Ookami Clan   Sun Apr 12, 2009 5:38 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Fuyu Ookami Clan   

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Fuyu Ookami Clan
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