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 picking up a new hobby [open]

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PostSubject: picking up a new hobby [open]   Wed May 06, 2009 4:04 am

Mitsu while doing his paper work for the hospital and village in general was growing bored and tired. he wanted something to occupy his mind. he created a clone to go out into the town so he might at least feel like he was doing something other than paper work nearby. the clone wandered the village with a blank mind for some time with bows and curtsies that he barely noticed as he bowed his head slightly to those he passed by. by this time everyone knew who he was and he knew there was no escape from it this time. he had been able to keep a low profile with formalities and other nuances as only the head medical nin, but at the hokage, even though you were not often seen on the village streets everyone knew who you were. he did not appear to be much older than most of the teens that bowed, but then again, he did not seen to be much younger then those elderly who bowed or curtsied as well. it was nice to get out into the village and see the people but he wished he could do so without everyone being so formal.

He continued his wanderings and spotted a bunch of assorted color balls on one of the displays on one of the shops. there were about 15 balls of various colors. Mitsu approached the stall and bowed to the owner "hello... might I be able to bye these colorful things here?" he said with a smile and a slight bow in return to the owner. the man replyed "for you Hokage-sama there is no need to buy them, but may I ask why" the man gave him a peculiar look. Mitsu simply chuckled "can I not teach myself to juggle my good sir" the man looked astonished. "I did not expect a ninja to pic up such a trifling skill, what good would juggling have for a ninja, much less the hokage" Mitsu shook his head with a grin "it can have everything to do with being a ninja, or nothing he took two of the brightly colored balls, a red and blue and put on in each hand and as he tossed one to the other he tossed the seperate ball back switching their place. "a ninja must have good hand eye coordination for block or parry oncoming attacks and make an effective counter attack" Mitsu smiled with a grin "I am not very good with this little hobby, but I have much time to practice with clones while I am doing my paperwork for the village and hospital" Mitsu sighed slightly and the old man spoke [u]"I still dont see why you would want to pick up something so... pointless[/i] Mitsu replied simple "for amusement sir... pure and utter amusement" Mitsu left a small bag of money for the man, probably 5-fold of what would be required for the colorful balls but he did not care, he barely used money and had more than enough of an income

Mitsu returned to the office to find a few clones studiously at work on the vast amounts of paperwork. there had been a significant increase in paperwork from the hospital seeing with the birth and the new students he had and a few patients. the returning Mitsu went and leaned up against one of the side tables and pulled out two of the balls, this time a pink and green one, and began to do the simple little exercise he had started for the old man, one hand to another with a gentle plop plop...... plop plop..... plop plop he did this for about an hour so he was getting it perfectly without looking at them. he was genuinely amusing himself with the simple toys.

he began to work in a third ball. because of his large hands he was able to work slowly getting the motion of the twirling orbs. he slowly began to pick them up concentration written on his face for a good while, occasionally messing up sending a brightly colored ball shooting across the room from his foot as he instinctively tried to catch it with his foot sending another or all three of them in opposite directions only to be floated back across the room from a simple weave of wind for him to start again, he got the trick of three balls in about 30 mins before he could take his attention elsewhere for a few moments, in between and end up jerking his head back to the front to correct an over throw easily fixing the simple rotation. he began to fool around with them soon tossing one of the balls higher into the air and catching both and sending them higher while catching the first and sending the three back into rotation, he would send their arc slightly higher and twist an arm around his back to send it flying back over his head and into his hand, occasionally sending it bouncing off the roof from throwing it to hard. he continued little simple tricks for hours until his clones had finished his paperwork for the day by about 3PM and he went back out into the town juggling the three balls easily as he walked down the street
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picking up a new hobby [open]
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