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PostSubject: Diasuki   Fri May 08, 2009 7:03 pm

tanjou-kan seal

Name: Diasuki

Origin: Land of Fire

Kekkei Gekkei: none

Chakra Cost: none

The Diasuki dose not have a Kekkei Gekkei per say, its more of a ability given to them by the demons that’s reside in them. Diasuki is a clan the specializes in seals, and demons. The clans village is built on a “hell mouth” allowing demons to pass in to the world more easily, rather then fear this they use it to their advantage. They have formulated a seal that allows the demons to pass in to a host easily, but in the process they end up giving cretin abilities to the host. Every demon has a cretin unique ability, and with that a host gains a trait from the demon allowing them to coexist in harmony rather the conflicting spirits.

From the age of 5 the Diasuki clan members begin training in seals, they believe that the younger some one begin to learn seals, the better of a “seal master” they can become. The first seal they learn is the clans demon sealing technique, tanjou-kan. From there they learn many seals, most of them taught to them, but some go off and learn, or create there own, and those select few are know as Valkyries. Valkyries will more then likely have seals on there body that, they them self’s can not perform, but can still use them. When a Member of the Diasuki clan is deemed worthy to be Valkyries, he/she will receive a scroll of sacred seals, but they can not read it till they receive the rank of jounin.

Demons are a large part of this clans life, the in no way fear a demon. They believe if you fear the demon then you feed its power over you. Rather then fear demons the try to live in harmony with them, and allow them in the there life’s, and some times even body’s, and hearts. In this manner the clan and demons are able to coexist, with very little conflict. The seals placed on every clan member at birth allows demons to bind with its host freely, and in return for the host allowing the demon to use their body, the demon willingly or un willingly gives up a unique ability.

Special Effect: Varies

Clan History
Being founded on a “hell mouth” the Diasuki clan has always been plugged by demons and spirits. The clan first begun fighting all the spirits and demons for dominance of the area. Fight for their life’s for about fifty years before a good spirit emerged and helped them. The spirits begun to teach the elders ancient seals to help the battle the sprits. Becoming more and more adapted to the life style, the clan began to teach Taijutsu, and Fuuinjutsu strictly as a way of life. There was no real point in them knowing any thing more, a fire ball dose nothing to a spirit, and very little to a demon, and as for mind tricks, a demons mind is generally strong then a humans, and a spirit only has knowledge, no real sense in the world.

Using their newly acquired knowledge, the clan began to grow, and with more people came a greater need for knowledge, so they again went to the good spirit who, after another 30 years had made some new friends, instead of one good spirit there where many. One of them offered to work with the elders of the village to come up with a seal in which the spirits could chose a host and teach the clan all the knowledge they had to offer, but in return the clan had to allow the spirits to live in harmony. The clan agreed and begun to work on the seal with the spirit, 10 years after starting the seal was complete, and the every clan member who agreed was given a seal. As the spirits began to in habit the clan members the clan began to thrive.

Another 100 years pass and the clan has flourished, the evil demons and spirits have stopped coming through the hell mouth, the Diasuki village hade become a home, and safe haven for good demons, and spirits. The village has made a place for them self’s in the world as seal masters, great healers, and great shinobi…
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PostSubject: Re: Diasuki   Fri May 08, 2009 7:31 pm

since I sat here through the creation of this... its good Razz
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