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 Rhea's Weapons [WiP]

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PostSubject: Rhea's Weapons [WiP]   Fri May 29, 2009 12:31 am



Name: Brilliant Bow (Karei na Yumi; 華麗な弓)



This glowing weapon of archery has quite the unique look, as well as build. The exterior is made of extremely smooth and durable wood, which would appear to be hollow. The interior of the bow consists of rare synthetic crystal found in a village within the Land of Crystal, Ekishou. The crystal in also visible on the outside of the bow in specific spots, such as a third away from each end, along with the two crystal shards sticking out on each side of the bow. The color differs depending on the element or chakra being channeled through the peculiar weapon. Silk ribbon dangles along the bow, as well as wrapped around where the user would place their hands to wield the weapon, for added design and to protect the hands.

This bow is descent size, not too heavy, and easy to maneuver. It measures roughly about three feet in length, and weighs nearly six pounds. The figure wood isn't very wide, but is a bit thick, measuring about two and a half inches in diameter, with the exception of oddly shaped areas sporadically upon the bow. The bow string is fairly thin, and is made from the silk of caterpillars however, very durable. The silk shines silver in the light, and the wood shimmers a brushed gold. A matching silk quiver stores arrows used along with this bow.

Additions: Radiant Arrows (Housha Ya; 放射矢)


These arrows are made from the same material as the bow, and like the weapon, are equipped or filled with the rare and special crystals found in Ekishou, depending on the arrow. The arrow heads are also made from the same crystal, and the ends usually have different colored feathers, according to what effects or specialties they may be used for.

Special Characteristics: Channeling Crystals


The special abilities of these weapons are all focused on the special crystals originating from Ekishou known as "White Crystal", attached or within both the bow and arrows. These rare crystals are known for channeling the chakra of the user. Not only can the user channel their chakra into the weapons to make for more powerful attacks, but they can channel their elemental chakra as well. This means that whatever chakra the user channels through the bow and arrows, the weapons will take the base and effect of, infusing and combining both chakra and attacks, a completely unique way of approaching weaponry techniques.


Karei na Yumi, also known as the "Brilliant Bow", is a historical weapon that was sealed away hundreds of years ago by a group of nomads. It was believed to be crafted within Ekishou, by the Kashoku clan. The design and chakra channeling crystals within the ancient weapon make it very unique, as well as powerful. It was sealed so long ago in fear that those seeking power might use the weapon to cause mass destruction upon the lands. In hopes to restore and keep the peace, a chosen group of the Kashoku clan were sent with the mission to hide the weapon from civilization, to prevent potential disaster.

Legend says it all started in Ekishou, the land in which the weapon was forged by a well known bowyer. The bowyer was famous for his unique design in weapons, as well as their durability. Any and most archers looking for a well made bow came to him to make their requests, and with great satisfaction, paid him well for his work. His skills were amazing, but he still felt something was missing. He put his creativity to the test, and came up with the perfect design for another unique bow. The problem however, was the materials he would need to make the weapon. He had heard that the infamous Kashoku clan made beautiful synthetic crystals that not only shined radiantly in the light, but were extremely durable as well. It was an immediate thought that these crystals would be perfect for his design, and approached the clan to request their wonderous jewels. To his surprise, he was turned away without a complete explanation as to why they wouldn't sell him their gems. The man was determined to get the fine crystal, and made plans to steal them.

His plan worked, and his bow was soon finished. Word spread about the magnificent new weapon forged within the Land of Crystal, and the Kashoku clan soon found that the bow was made up of mostly crystal, their crystal. Conflict rose from there as the Kashoku clan tried to explain to the bowyer the dangers of the weapon. The bowyer, now greedy and and self absorbed with his work ignored their plees and continued to gloat about his masterpiece. Higher authorities soon became involved, but not soon enough. As the bowyer found himself against many opposers, he used the bow to defend himself. This bowyer was not a trained shinobi, but a meer citizen of the country, and was easily drained. However, not before he had caused much havok among the small village. Lives were taken, houses destroyed, and all over what seemed to be a simple weapon. The bowyer was banished, and a group from the Kashoku clan was requested to hide the bow away, so that peace would remain among their land, and their people; to protect civilization

The caravan traveled as far as the other continent, just to protect their precious country from harm. They took the bow to a hidden relic within the Land of Snow, sealing it within a cavern far off in the mountains, where the wind roared and no human dare travel. Only two of the five within the group made it back to Ekishou to report the mission a success, and ensure peace to the Land of Crystal...

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Rhea's Weapons [WiP]
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