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 Ukiyo Koujou, need akatsuki approval

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PostSubject: Ukiyo Koujou, need akatsuki approval   Sun Jun 14, 2009 9:54 pm

Basic Character Information:
Name: Ukiyo Koujou
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Clan: Koujou

Looks:Ukiyo's head is long and narrow. She has perfectly smooth skin, pretty small and slightly pointy ears that protrude out from under the shallow ends of her hair, a tiny nose that compliments her thin, but very bright, lips. Her eyes are bright as well. They are longer than high, though not narrow. In the summer, her eyes are green, while in the winter, they turn tan. Her cheek bones are a little high, though not enough to set off the balance of the rest of her features, and in fact compliments her nose and narrow face. Ukiyo's hair is short, coming down on the sides just past her ears, her bangs reach just over her eyebrows so they are slightly visible, and the back stretches almost to the collarbone. Her hair is a dirty green, and like her eyes, turn tanner in the winter. It is very thin and usually messy, though she tries to keep up her appearance, but when she gets into battle it is impossible to keep it orderly.
Ukiyo's body is very, very thin because of her kekkei genkai, and usually weighs no more than 100 pounds (when in her normal form). She wears loose mid-split sleeveless shirts (usually made of a material that keeps it stiff and smooth) that button/zipper up or have a bright cotton undershirt. She has skinny arms, with hardly any muscle on them. Her hands are petite, and fingers usually have a bright colored nail polish. Ukiyo's pants are usually silk ((or some other loose fitting material that allows her to move freely) in radiant purple, green, blue, or yellow. Often she will wear white skirts with decorations of flowers, though is scolded for this because it is inappropriate and unpractical for a ninja to wear such things. Ukiyo's legs are long and, too, are skinny with little muscle. Her feet wear the common sandals and don't have nail polish. The sandals are brown or white and usually the soles are hardly worn at all, because of her habit of removing her shoes before battle.

Personality: Ukiyo has a very random personality and usually referred to as bi-polar (which can be accounted to her kekei genkai). She often has mood swings drafting her from innocent, playful, or peaceful to malevolent, sinister, or cruel. Overall she has a deep understanding of the earth and a feeling of connection to it, as if it were her mother. Because of this, she grew a respect for all plants or other life forms spawned from the earth. Ukiyo is often clumsy, tripping and falling in each direction, then catching herself and acting it off like she was playing. This shows up in battle as part of her fighting technique. When in her regular form, her body is extraordinarily flexible and she moves very freely to avoid attacks and place delicate counter pokes. She often refers to this style as "dancing", saying it is more of a dance than an actual style of combat. Ukiyo fights rhythmically, allowing her opponent's attacks to be absorbed into her movements. Dancing, is also part of Ukiyo's personality, being loose and easy going, she often dances for fun.

Basic Clan Information
[Optional, may not apply]
Kekkei Gekkei: Koujou Chishio: Koujou members can excrete a seed(s) through any pore in their body. Then, by channeling chakra to them, they make the seed grow at any rate they choose. Whether it be in 1 second or 1 minute. This gives them the ability to make any plant. Depending on how large the plant is or how complex it is determines how much chakra and what rank it is. First invented by Ukiyo's grandparents, the greatest known extent of this ability was an S-rank version that the founder of the clan did, creating a tree the size of half a village. He died shortly after performing this.
Chakra Cost: This allows Ukiyo to use her jutsus, which will have their own costs

Skill and Rank Information
Village: Akatsuki
Rank: A-Rank Akatsuki
Elements: Earth, water
Skills Specialties: Kekkei Genkai


Name: Chloroplastic Energy
Rank: C
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Plantlife

Description: User creates cloroplasts within the top layer of cells in his or her skin allowing them to make energy for themselves provided they have sufficient light water and air around them. It can also can replace Carbon with Oxygen, providing air for a certain amount of time (because pure oxygen will eventually make the user faint).

Name: Plant Growth Jutsu
Rank: E-S
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Plantlife

Effects: Ukiyo can make any seed she has grow rapidly into a full-grown plant (The type of plant differs by the type of seed). After planting the seed, placing the seed on someone or something, or using one on herself, Ukiyo performs hand signs, then can activate the jutsu at will. Extremely large plants take immense concentration and chakra, also special/complex plants (ie: poisonous spores) will take more chakra to use than regular ones.

Name: Body Flicker Technique
Rank: D
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: N/a

Effects: The user can move extremely fast for a very short distance. So fast that it appears they teleported from one spot to another. They may also use objects to cover this. example: leaves, smoke, sand, water, ect

Name: Substitution Jutsu
Rank: E
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: N/a

Effects: User replaces him or her self with an object(s) and moves somewhere else. When it is hit, the disguise will end and the true form of the object(s) will reveal.

Name: Kunai/Shuriken String
Rank: E
Jutsu Type: Taijutsu
Elemental Affinity: N/a

Effects: User attaches string to kunai/shuriken to use them again (and again if not stopped). The strings may be used for many purposes, transporting an object down the string, tying up an opponent, ect.

Name: Chloroplast Regeneration
Rank: C
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Plantlife

Effects: Allows Ukiyo to regenerate the cytoplasm of her cells to regenerate them. She can keep this up to make something heal rapidly constantly, however she will be immobilized doing so. Ukiyo doesn't need any contact with the thing she is healing (because they are her cells no matter where she is). If Ukiyo is disturbed while using the jutsu, it will end.

Name: Genjutsu Sting
Rank: C
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Plantlife

Description: Creates a thorn that has a special kind of poison. It shuts down a certain amount of the brain, then in a a split second, restarts it. This dispells a genjutsu on the user (but will not kill or injure him). The stronger the genjutsu, the harsher the sting or the more the poison.

Name: Heat Resistant Cytoplasm
Rank: C
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Plantlife

Effect: When making seeds, Ukiyo can add a special property to their cytoplasm so that they are heat resistant . This heat-resistant property is embedded in the cytoplasm, infusing with the plant's dna and becomes permanent forever.

Name: Metamorphosis
Rank: A
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Plantlife

Description: This is the jutsu Ukiyo uses to enter her second state. Ukiyo does this transaction by placing both hands (palms) on the ground, then channeling chakra through her pores and connecting to the earth for a short period of time. During this time, she uses the earth's energy to allow the plant-like features of her anatomy to rapidly grow from their normal form (vine-like) into a solid, steardy structure (tree-like). This causes her movements to become much bulkier and slow, disallowing her from fighting fluently and dodging easily like usual. During this form, Ukiyo weighs nearly three times as much as usual and the flesh underlying her skin becomes as strong as wood/bark, though her physical appearance doesn't change. This does not require any chakra to use because it acquires it's energy from the earth, however the damage that she takes in this form is amplified by twice as much when she returns to normal.

History and RP Sample
Ukiyo was born at the outskirts of Konoha. At the age of 5, her parents were drafted

in the great shinobi war. Her parents had already begun training with her, naturally

her parents knew they would be drafted and that Ukiyo needed to be prepared for

when she hits puberty and her kekei genkai became active. Ukiyo, in their absence,

trained little. Instead she concentrated more on leisure activities to keep her from

thinking about them. She learned dancing, and often when on hikes and climbing trips

to get into nature. By the time she turned 8, she was completely fluent in her

movements of dancing and had an intimate relationship with nature, feeling a sense of

connection to the earth. In a way, it acted as her a parent during her parents' leave.

When she turned 8 however, she received news that her parents were killed in war.

This did phase her, sending her into a stage of depression for the year to come.

However, eventually, she accepted it, and adopted the earth as her new guardian.

Ukiyo decided that the plants of the earth were her new family. Village elders and

advisers offered to give her a foster home, which she declined. When they chose to

force her into one, Ukiyo broke off from the city of the village and resided in nearby

woods. This was for a short period of time, for her training at the academy would

start soon. When the day had come, she showed up at the academy, ready to learn.

Ukiyo was a quick learner. She picked up ninjutsu faster than other kids, though

lacked severely in taijutsu. Her movements were smooth and elegant, allowing her to

be a beautiful dodger, however she couldn't make an offensive physical attack due to

her physique being fragile. She had friends, though never created a personal bond

with them. This made them expendable, though Ukiyo enjoyed spending time with

them so there was no reason to leave them. By the end of her days at the academy,

Ukiyo had learned all her basic ninjutsus, and was graduated despite her failing

taijutsu skills.

The elders were well aware of this, and confronted Ukiyo shortly after the graduation.

This was at the time she had hit puberty, and was no coincidence. Ukiyo realized

quickly what her parents taught her as a child. The elders came to talk to her about

this. At first, Ukiyo's natural reaction was to run, but that thought was quickly

cleared from her mind when she was bound by an anbu. At the site of this, she knew

something bad was going to happen, and realized it must not be a coincidence that

this was at the same time she got her powers. The elders spoke to her like she was a

child, but acted like she was someone who had just betrayed the village. They told

her she had now possessed the same powers the leaf village has tried to squelch for

years now. After revealing the truth (will go in-depth in clan history), she allowed

Ukiyo to go. However, not without being sure her kekei genkai would never be used

again. It took 4 anbu. Each one positioned on corners of a seal on the ground, Ukiyo

bounded in the middle of it. The process was brutal. Each few minutes a pulse came

from each anbu. When each pulse reached her, they collided and let out their energy.

With each blast, a portion of her skin's pores were sealed. It was two hours before

the process had been completed. From that day on, Ukiyo carried a syringe to give

herself daily medication. The anbu gathered themselves and left. Ukiyo was left with

the elder. She had endured so much more pain than she could have imagined would

result because of her parents. She did not blame her parents, though she refused to

be anything related to thankful of them. The elder didn't say anything. She released

Ukiyo, then left.

Ukiyo went on to join a team of strategists, where she would learn tactics, traps,

ect. Ukiyo loved fighting like this, it became a game and her flexibility became a useful

weapon when put in the position of fighting hand to hand, which her other teammates

feared profoundly. However, as much fun as she had, the world seemed dimmer after

that one day. She couldn't relate to the earth anymore, she felt like she couldn't

breath the same air as she once did, even her step was off. One day, after getting

home from a mission, she went to take her medication. It was a full two hours before

she actually took it. The needle sat there, ready, but she was not. This overwhelming

feeling overtook her and when she got up, she decided it would be better. Ukiyo took

the syringe and injected her medication, 100x the dosage. After going into shock and

cardiac arrest, Ukiyo woke up, barely alive. She now saw that she had released the

seal on her pores through force. Every pore in her body had blood splotched on it.

She arrived at the hospital and received immediate care. She was bleeding internally

for the next two weeks, a period that allowed her to think about everything and what

it meant. This event changed her. No, it didn't change her, it amplified her.

Everything she believed before had now come full bloom. She became even more

distant with humans and found her true home in nature, with her kekei genkai now

alive again.

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PostSubject: Re: Ukiyo Koujou, need akatsuki approval   Sun Jun 14, 2009 9:54 pm

Ukiyo had now come to the point where she knew it was time to progress, so she

applied for the Chunin Exam. It would be another year before her request was granted

though. When receiving her admission, Ukiyo said her good byes and left her team,

since they would not agree to take it with her. Ukiyo knew this would put her at a

huge disadvantage during the second part of the exam, but was prepared for what it

had in store.

The written test was a simple challenge. Ukiyo never was very book-smart, so she

had prepared to cheat since the beginning. The first step was the most difficult, but

after that it would be easy. A seed was placed on the inside of each desk. This was

done at night before the day of the test. Ukiyo nearly got caught several times, but

concealed herself in shadows and lights alike. By the beginning of the next day,

everything was in place. The test began as she thought it would. Proctors, main

proctor, all lined up in rows with cheating preventions in place. She observed the

room, seeing who would be her best option. After spotting one person finish in half

the time most people were done with the first problem, Ukiyo decided to take a look at that test and see how she liked it. It took all of 1 second to cause the distraction.

At once, she activated each seed but the one under the desk. Each spat out a cloud

of gas, nothing toxic, and in fact, nothing that affected humans at all. It was this

flower's way of attracting bugs to mate it. In this second of confusion, the seed in

the students desk was activated. The test was devoured by the flower and sucked

into the desk. The flower then traveled on the ground by vine until reached Ukiyo's

feet. She picked it up, placed it on her desk, then let the flower+vine die. The

proctors cleared the thin gas in a matter of 10 seconds. After this, they accused the

person Ukiyo had stolen from of cheating and he was disqualified. Pity, thought Ukiyo.

Ukiyo's sensei had alerted the proctors that Ukiyo had no partners, she she was

exempt from the forest of death. Instead she was put into a preliminary round for the

third exam as a challenge to the first team to arrive there (this was in cruelty to

Ukiyo, since the proctors knew she was young to take the Chunin exams and so they

pinned her against the strongest team there). The first team arrived, and the

proctors snickered. Ukiyo had no feelings towards them. She knew they had to do

their job, but she knew they were asses. Ukiyo simply sat in wait for her opponents.

When they arrived, a proctor pointed one out, the one who looked least beat up, and

told him to come forward. The shinobi was from the mist, represented by the

headband wrapped around his ankle. He was wearing medical bandages on his legs

and a loose shawl for a shirt that covered his torso and upper legs. His arms were

short and his legs were long (though that was most likely an illusion from the cloths).

He wore a thin layer of silk/spandex that covered his entire face (though his eyes,

lips, and nose were visible), including his hair. His name was Yuuku and Ukiyo was

afraid of him.

The match started off with Yuuku charging Ukiyo while beginning a jutsu with hand

signs. Ukiyo read the hand signs, it was completely unfamiliar to her. Through her

travels she had seen almost all varieties of jutsus ranging from academy to jounin.

She wondered whether it was a kekei genkai oriented jutsu or an extremely advanced

one. Ukiyo braced herself, placing her right index finger on the ground, her light hand

on her right arm (which was locked), and was bending to stabilize herself. As he

approached, Ukiyo could feel a force coming at her. There was definitively a flow of

chakra in the air that was creating a heavy current, dragging Ukiyo back. She feared

what would happen when he finally reached her, as it was obvious that the

momentum he was gaining was adding to some kind of impact. She was not prepared

to find out what would happen, so before Yuuku hit, Ukiyo flung herself up by using

her feet to jump and her finger to push off. She was airborne for only a couple

seconds as he passed underneath. When she landed, she could feel the wind from him

passing, and soon enough, he hit the wall. His right arm and left arm had been

extended in front. There was a gaping whole where his palms were facing in the wall,

though he was still a few inches off where the wall would have been. What did he

use...chakra? Wind? Either way, I can't afford to get close now. Avoiding physical

attacks is pointless. If I can't finish him fast I'll have to change forms before this one

gets shredded. Ukiyo had landed where her finger was before, and start to step back

slowly, staying in her defensive stance. Yuuku turned around to face her. "Scared are

we?" He gave a little laugh, then made a single hand sign. Soon he disappeared with a

small gust of wind. Ukiyo knelt down and positioned her hands on the ground, palms

open. She waited, hoping she could survive this one attack long enough to counter.

Suddenly, he appeared behind her. Luckily he thought he had been taking her by

surprise. But either way she would not be ready for an attack so the back was better

for her because it is biologically less vulnerable. He waved both arms across his

chest, slicing outward, forming an X. Ukiyo tried to duck to lessen the blow, and it

worked, but she still took the immense push that blew her into the crevasse in the

wall. Before she hit, she formed two hand signs. The first activated the seed

positioned on her chest, which rapidly morphed into a Rafflesia flower, which thanks

to its incredible network of vines and tissues, acted as a 20 pound cushion. The blow

still hurt Ukiyo, but caused no serious damage besides some bruises. The second hand

sign activated the two seeds on the ground that were now in front of Yuuku. They

formed two vines, each 10 feet tall and were 6 inches in diameter at the base,

becoming thinner and thinner as they went higher and eventually sharp to a point at

the top. They has tiny thorns covering them by the thousands. They sprouted up

from the ground, thrashing for a moment, then started towards Yuuku. Through this,

he stayed calm, not even surprised, and silently he put his arms up separately and

vertically (paralleled) in front of him. As each vine went towards him, his forearms

emitted a whirlwind that shredded them as they came in. Soon, the vines were

nothing but stubs. Ukiyo looked with disbelief and Yuuku smiled. Then he disappeared

again and Ukiyo frantically prepared herself in a different stance. I can't go into my

second form yet, he'll kill me. I just have to use stronger plants. Ukiyo sat cross-

legged, putting her back to the wall, and placed her palms together in front of her.

Again, Yuuku appeared, but this time in front of her. He had appeared with his fist

thrusting forward and the familiar air current rushing towards Ukiyo. She quickly

activated the seed in her hand (had already been in the position for the hand sign)

and it burst open her hands as a tree shot out towards Yuuku. This was the first time

that Ukiyo saw his eyes widen even the slightest. This was genuine shock. He had

not enough time to conjure a stronger wind, so the weak one he had already was not

enough to repell the trunk and it blasted him back to the other wall, where he was

severely crushed, though not killed or defeated yet. The hit was of little importance

to Ukiyo, seeing as she knew the attitude of impermeable was just an act. Though

this attack drained most of her's chakra, the damage caused was worth it. Yuuku

staggered up, holding his lower left abdominal. He coughed then chuckled and spoke

roughly, "I just hope this isn't it for you." He raised both arms wide, still staggering a

little, and brought them together, creating a large blast comparable to a sonic boom.

Ukiyo was still on the ground in her Indian-style position, though her hands shifted

down to her sides. She did not move an inch as the attack hit her. When the rubble

cleared, she was still sitting there on tattered ground. She had some cuts and one

gash on her arm, but nothing too serious that she couldn't recover. Yuuku looked at

her with confusion. "Your body, I measured it when I attacked you the first time. You

can't weigh more than 130lb. And you clearly have no exterior protection." Ukiyo

smiled, then stood up slowly. She moved more rigged now, as apposed to before

when she was fluent and smooth. When she stood erect, she started walking slowly

towards Yuuku. "Well you said you wanted this to continue, so I thought why not?"

Ukiyo continued to smile as she walked closer. Yuuku quickly conjured up blast after

blast of wind from his hands. Each being charged carefully with chakra and using

rubble as small projectiles. For each blast, Ukiyo took the blow. Slowly, she filled with

shreds and started bleeding, though the actual force of the blasts, where the real

damage was, was just absorbed by Ukiyo's form. When she had reached Yuuku, he

placed his hands on her chest and stomach and pushed with the remainder of his

chakra. Ukiyo stepped back to catch herself, but didn't need to do any more than

that. She then raised her finger and placed a seed on top his head, then started to

walk away to the other side of the field. "I won." Yuuku threw the seed off his head

and sat, disgruntled. As Ukiyo left him, she stopped and bent down on her way to

pick up the seed from the beginning of the battle (from when Ukiyo positioned her

finger on the floor, which was on the opposite side of the room). "Didn't need it I

guess." The short-lived battle was fallowed by 2 others in the semi-finals and finals of

the Chunin Exam. Both ended with Ukiyo stabbing or crushing her opponents though

not in vitally. By the end, Ukiyo was awarded the title of Chunin. Since then, she has

traveled as head of her own Chunin squad.

Chunin-Anbu Arc
Ukiyo had been placed as head of a chunin squad specializing in advanced tactics and

strategy. The squad consisted of her, a man named Meirou, and a young girl named

Giji. All 3 were recently made chunins. Ukiyo was put as head of the squad because

of her small experience leading her former squad in their jounin's absence. The squad's

morals and ideals were roughly the same. They all agreed that their bond would be

solely based on their abilities to predict others and each other. From this, the

members rapidly grew mentally from experience with one another. However one day

they were faced with a group of rogue ninjas known as the Akatsuki. Each member of

their squad was naturally arrogant and it was unanimous to stay and fight. The group

had left, only one stayed behind, When Meirou attempted to stop them, the ninja

before us killed him in a matter of seconds. Giji and Ukiyo went into shock. They used

every ability they had to escape. Giji disbanded from the team after this, leaving

Ukiyo by herself. Ukiyo applied for an anbu position despite her lack of experience.

After some mandatory testing, they saw Ukiyo more than fit to qualify. The day

Meirou died, Ukiyo did not hate akatsuki. She instead grew fond of them with the

utmost respect. Ukiyo was granted the position as anbu and placed in another tactics

squad specializing with the hokage. Since then she has uncovered so much

information regarding akatsuki and the hokage that she has grown completely

untrusting of the Hokage and now sees him as corrupt and the akatsuki as their

saviors. Ukiyo stayed as anbu working close to the Hokage without anyone aware of

her true feelings towards everyone.

Ukiyo spent about two years in this position before she met Kara-Niiro, clearly a

surname for some sort of organization, squad, ect. Though Nirro refused to give up

her name, Ukiyo still spoke to her intimately for weeks about the village and how it

was losing ideals. Soon Ukiyo was introduced to an organization called Teishoku, a

newly founded revolutionist group in Konoha planning an uprising. It was true that

Konoha had been becoming more and more corrupt and that at some point things

needed change, though Ukiyo thought it to be done in a different way. She

eventually decided that it was her best choice to work with Teishoku. One day, the

uprising decided to launch their attack. All was well until the leader, accompanied by

Nirro and Ukiyo, launched their own division of the attack on the Hokage. The battle

ended in the leader falling and Nirro and Ukiyo retreated, calling off the attack and

returning to base. However there had been multiple infiltrations during the attack,

leading to the fall of their base and with nowhere left to go, Teishoku was forced to

disband and leave Konoha. This affected Ukiyo little because she knew that this was

only one option for her revolutionist plans. In her travels, Ukiyo grew more and more

infatuated with Akatsuki and one day was witness to one of their attacks on a

neighboring village of Konoha's. The attack was aimed towards a child and Ukiyo had

decided to fallow the two man squad to their base. Soon after arriving, she was

abducting and taken prisoner. In their interrogations, her mind showed her amazing

interest in Akatsuki and she was granted to be a servant of them, keeping under an

eye should she be spying. However soon after the Akatsuki failed an attack on

Konoha, she was promoted to full status after it was uncovered that she was part of

the Teishoku uprising and proven herself during this second attack. She is still kept

under slight watch, though she often doesn't mind and finds ways to make fun with

the surveillance. Ukiyo currently resides with the Akatsuki as a rogue ninja from

Konoha. Her true abilities are unknown to Konoha, their last records of her is the

assault on the Hokage.

Rp Sample: Within history

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PostSubject: Re: Ukiyo Koujou, need akatsuki approval   Wed Jun 17, 2009 4:52 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Ukiyo Koujou, need akatsuki approval   Thu Jun 18, 2009 12:59 am

Space out your text. Its like a brick wall of letterz. I am not going to read the history until then. For your rank I am guessing A because of the overall profile. Ask the leader though. Overall it's a simple profile from my first look through. I will make a more detailed look when you fix these things.
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PostSubject: Re: Ukiyo Koujou, need akatsuki approval   Thu Jun 18, 2009 9:43 am

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PostSubject: Re: Ukiyo Koujou, need akatsuki approval   Fri Jun 19, 2009 1:21 pm

her app is good so as long as Stephanie says your good then.....
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PostSubject: Re: Ukiyo Koujou, need akatsuki approval   Fri Jun 19, 2009 1:32 pm

:D thank you so much!!!! Now to wait for Stephanie
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PostSubject: Re: Ukiyo Koujou, need akatsuki approval   Mon Jun 22, 2009 7:49 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Ukiyo Koujou, need akatsuki approval   Sun Jun 28, 2009 11:18 am

been like 10 days since steph last posted.........
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PostSubject: Re: Ukiyo Koujou, need akatsuki approval   Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:35 pm

this is ridiculous -.-, can i just start rping or what? its been nearly 2 weeks
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PostSubject: Re: Ukiyo Koujou, need akatsuki approval   Thu Jul 02, 2009 1:31 am

dude lol, Lux has approved you and you dont needed Stephanie's as (as far as I know).
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PostSubject: Re: Ukiyo Koujou, need akatsuki approval   Thu Jul 02, 2009 4:53 am

Your Approved.
But something about your text just seems too far spaced out, xD
I know Steph said to space it out, but still, it's fine.
I'll do the colours
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PostSubject: Re: Ukiyo Koujou, need akatsuki approval   Thu Jul 02, 2009 9:19 am

ok, ty.
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PostSubject: Re: Ukiyo Koujou, need akatsuki approval   

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Ukiyo Koujou, need akatsuki approval
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