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 gabby clan

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PostSubject: gabby clan   Tue Jul 07, 2009 6:22 pm

Name:Gakiato clan

Origin:the rock village

Kekkei Gekkei:the are able to turn any part of their body especially their hands into any shape of metal the want and also increase the length of the metal in their body

Chakra Cost:any amount according to the length of the metal they make

Description:They have the ability to turn their body mostly their hands to any shape of metal the want and are very good in taijutus because of this ability

Special Effect:able to turn their body to metal

Clan History: The Gakito clan stated or originated from a janta clan from the rock village . A man called kinato from janta clan was nominated to be the ruler of his clan since he was the srongest in his clan.He was so strong that at a time his village the rock village wanted him to be the ruler.
One day the Fuma clan village attacked the rock village in an attempted to over thrown the janta clan by lying to Kaguya clan that the rock village was planing to attacked their village which led to war between the villages.But the janta clan lost and was destroyed while their leader was imprisoned in the kaguya clan.
While kinato was in prison in the kaguya clan the prison staff daughter fell in love with him and not long later the girl broke him out of prison and the both ran away to start a new life.The name of the girl was kino kaguya and she was one of the best in their clan taijutsu.Kinato and Kino both went to the sand village where the had their first child.The named the child Ginato and he latered entered the academy where he began to display a new type of jutsu by turning any part of his body to any shape of metal he wanted to and his clone techinquie was different from any other persons own because he could only make a maximum of 5 from his metallic body. Later on he began to learn taijutsu from his mother and ninjutsu from his father which he did using the metal in his body.
3 days after Ginato became a jounin his father and his mother where killed by the kaguya clan and ginato ran to konoha where he got married and his children had the same power he did so he decided to name it the Gaikito clan
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gabby clan
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