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 Ookami clan DONE!

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PostSubject: Ookami clan DONE!   Fri Jul 10, 2009 11:03 am

Name:Ookami clan

Origin:wilderness of konaha

Kekkei Gekkei:werewolf transformation

Chakra Cost: 190

Description: the ookami clan are consisted of shinobi who are known for being outdoorsman and wolf breeders. they are extremly skilled in taijutsu and mental control due to the intensive traing at a early age. they belive in living in harmony with nature and have strice rituals that include living by yourself in the wilderness with no food or water until you recive a vision from the gods. the ookami clan belive in animal sacrifice to honor loved ones and marriage rituals which forces the groom to hunt in the forest for days until they see a rare white wolf outside in the forest. the ookami belive in many things such as good manners and respect for the fellow outdoorsman. the ookami are use to most poisions that are common outside of konaha and are experts in gurilla tactics and are often used as guides around the mountanins or guards agianst common criminals that wacth the outside of konaha.

Special Effect: as the name implys they transform into werewolves that are triggered by emotions (esspically anger). the ookami have learned to control their emotions and display a great sense of control ( though some cases may not be so good) most commonly the fur color of the transformation show the intentions of the transformer, white fur shows it was unwilling or only to defend somone the ookami clan member deeply cares about, balck symbolizes that the clan members wishes to kill someone or somthing without good reason and brown shows that it was the clan mebers choice but it is for good cause (like winning a tornament or to gain something thatwas stolen, most commonly to punish wrong doers). when under the transformation the primitive side of the brain increases increaisng the users speed, strengh, stamina, and overall power. however only the most disicplined users can control themselves under the transformation and the user is also unable to use jutsu under that form.

Clan History: long ago it was said a woman feel inlove with a man who was actually a wolf who learned the ability of transformation from a ninja. the woman mated and brought the wolves children into the world who had the reverse characteistic if the wolf (transforming from human to werwolf). the wolf tried despretly to teach them control and after years of practice in the wilderness they succeded and moved into a early konaha. the first children were simple farmers and grew to have wifes and children of their own which required the teaching of great emotional and mental discipline. becasue it was on a early age the children succeded and soon they in which multiplied reapeating the process all the way over until finally they became a respected force inside konaha. though their abilitys remain a mystery to outsiders the ookami are natual outdoorsman who spen most of their time outside adoring nature and train constantly to improve their strength.

sorry if this seems rushed i just typed it into long paragraphs but then i tried to erase a spelling error and it took me to the prevoius page which erased EVERYTHING >.<.

i understand if i have to edit some stuff.
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PostSubject: Re: Ookami clan DONE!   Fri Jul 10, 2009 5:20 pm

There's basically the same clan, the Ukiku, who have werewolf transformation. Contact Rin Ukiku for approval into the clan.
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Ookami clan DONE!
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