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 Kuchisi Clan revised

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PostSubject: Kuchisi Clan revised   Thu Aug 20, 2009 3:28 pm

Name: Kuchisi

Origin: Konohagakure

Kekkei Gekkei: Kasingan

Chakra Cost: 100

Description: The Kuchisi clan are some of the best ninjas in the village and greatly feared in other countries. The ninjas are all wind stylist and some have another style overall the are wind types. Most ninjas are either Anbu Black Ops or Jonin the Majority of the adults are jonin. The begin their ninja training at about 8 years old by their parents. Most master the first stage by the time the are genin.
The Kuchisi clan has a unique Kekkei Gekkei: the Kasingan eye. The Kasingan eye is usually represented by 1 shurikan (the lowest level), 2 shurikans (the middle level), 3 shurikans (the highest level), or one whole shurikan covering about almost ĺ of the iris (the highest level you can obtain and is very rare to obtain has a destructive capablilty (second only to the Amataseru ) which orginates from the third form.

The Kuchisi clan are also experts in swordplay, making chakra infused swords, excellent chakra control, and using chakra through a blade. The clan primary elemental type is wind. From an early age kids begin training with swords. When they graduate to genin their parents give them a custom made sword.

Special Effect:
When activacted the eyes turn form grey to blue and multple amount of shurikens appear depending on the level they are at.With the 1 shurikan eye the users is able to perfrom minor hypnosis and justu copying. With the two shurikan eye, the user has the ability to predict movements about 2-3 seconds ahead. With the 3 shurikan eye user can instantly appear behind the enemy when desierd this is the normal stage for a chunnin or a jonin. When the last stage is activated which is one whole shurikan covering about almost ĺ of the iris (the highest level you can obtain and is very rare to obtain has a destructive capablilty it is called the Kazearashi. The technique is when you look at someone straight in the eye they become paralyzed and canít move. Then a giant cyclone of wind chakra surrounds them and tears them to pieces. A second techinique the person can slow down time for up to 30 seconds. You can only use this 1 per every 2 hours.

Clan History: The first Kuchisi clan member Ryuno was born a marriage between an Uchiha and a Hyuuga. At an early aged he was show to be a wind type which were very rare. At 10 years old he showed a gift for swordplay. At about 13 years old Ryuno was a Chunnin and in a fight between an enemy ninja his Kasingan activated and he made quick work of the enemy. He figured out about what the first stage of his eye can do.
A couple of years later when he was 15 years old he was sent for a assaination technique. He was discovered and hopelessly outnumbered his second stage eye came into play. With the ability to teleport he got out and escaped. He was considered to be one of the best ninja in the villaged and at 16 he was made a jonin.
5 years later in the second great ninja war. He was one of the commanding officers in the army. Using his teleportation technique he was greatly feared by the other countries. In one battle a platoon of 10 ninjas he was leading fell and in a great rage he activated his last stage and both eye techniques the whole enemy squad was wiped out in a matter of seconds.
At the end of the war he married a regular ninja with no Kekkai Genkai and they and a son named Rewana. The son grew up to be an even better ninja than his father and so the bloodline passed on. But only Ryuno mastered all of the eye techniques. He shaped the clans wind style jutus and sword mastery.


Name: Wind Style: Wind Dragon Jutsu
Rank: A
Type: Hijutsu
Chakra Cost: 100
Element: Wind
Description: The user does hand signs. When they are done they insert their wind chakra into the air shaping it into a dragon.It is like the water dragon justu execpt a lot bigger. When sent at opponent it inflicts multiple lacerations if not all of it hits. If it is dead on the opponent has more damage possibly even killing him.

Name: Wind Style: Spiraling Chakra Shurikan
Rank: S
Type: Ninjutsu
Chakra Cost: 100
Element: Wind
Description: This is the wind style format of the Rasengan. A very dangerous techinique to the user and the opponent. To the opponent wind chakra pierces very cell in the body killing the opponent instantly. But it does the same to the users arm breaking it. Used only as a desperation technique

Name: Wind Style:Wind Needles
Rank: D
Type: Hijutsu
Chakra Cost: 50
Element: Wind
Description: A basic clan technique. The user Gathers wind chakra into his fingertips shapes it into senbons and flings 10 senbons at his opponent. Does minor damages to the opponent.

Name: Wind Style: Air Bullets
Rank: C
Type: Hijutsu
Chakra Cost: 15 per bullet
Element: Wind
Description: A medium difficulty technique. The user gathers chakra into his mouth and spits out balls about 1 foot in diameter and can spit out up to 15 at once.

Name: Wind Style: Wind Blades
Rank: B
Type: Hijutus
Chakra Cost: 50 per minute
Element: Wind
Description: The user shapes chakra into thin blades on either one or both hands. He then extends his index and middle finger and and blade about 4 feet(max) or lower(you can adjust the length) springs out.

Current leader: Kaneto Kuchisi
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PostSubject: Re: Kuchisi Clan revised   Thu Aug 20, 2009 4:05 pm

Please Read the Chakra usage Rules, and Combine your Posts.
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Kuchisi Clan revised
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