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 Tsura, Soki.

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PostSubject: Tsura, Soki.   Sat Aug 22, 2009 11:42 am

name:: Tsura, Sōki.
age:: 11 [Eleven].
gender:: Female.
clan:: Tsura.

A simple and modern girl says little about Sōkiís appearance. From her head to the last part of her fragile body, she portrays the image of a delicate porcelain doll. Soft complexion, dainty fingers, and the petite body which makes you want to want to be a better person upon seeing; everything looks perfect.

Sōki stands at a pitiful height of 5Ē3, half of which is covered by a thick layer of stunning blue locks, down to her lower back. Not even the most brilliant dye job can compare to the real thing. Bangs cover most of her forehead as they stop right at her eyelids. And her eyes. Oh, the eyes. Two perfect orbs, stained pool-blue somehow matching her overflowing hair, seem to pierce through your own heart. One can only wonder how Sōki ended up with such coincidental features.

A light coloured kimono, one after another basically describes the girlís clothing style. Having detested the idea of pants and separate holes for each leg from her youth years, Sōki has made the firm choice to dress in her many kimonos, aiding in weak protection and warmth. The tattoo of a small lily flower is visible when the first layer of kimonos is off. Not many have seem the exotic image, due to the sole fact that Sōki prefers to keep her clothes on.

A quiet, harmless little girl, with no means of causing any type of havoc is the first thought to the simple-minded when having caught a first glimpse. They arenít entirely wrong, as Sōki plays the good-girl role significantly and with pride. She has realized that following rules, as opposed to working around them, were much easier, as if she was able to determine left from right. Sōki seldom over-thinks herself, and tends to go with her own beliefs, which may not be the best in all situations.

Innocence and teen pride capture the basics of Sōki's personality. She has grown to accept some things were meant to happen, and some just never really worked out. Like how her hair will never be honey-mist auburn, or the fact that she may reached the peak of her growing state, height-wise. However, it hasnít stopped her from blocking off the fair-sized optimism in her heart. Emotional changes, caused by uncontrollable hormones are a different story.

Sōki had developed her ongoing trust issues at the age of seven. Some might call it paranoia, but to Sōki, it seems perfectly normal. At times, showing her true feelings are difficult, and they do not aid her in any type of emotional conflict. Safe to say, Sōki has boundaries, and does not wish to damage her dignity.

village:: Konohagkure No Sato.
rank:: Academy Student.

special characteristics:: N/A.
special effects: N/A.

elements:: Suiton [Water].
skill specialties:: Ninjutsu.


Academy Jutsu

name:: Kawarimi no Jutsu
rank:: E
type:: Ninjutsu
element:: N/A
chakra cost:: 15
description:: This jutsu lets the user quickly switch places with another nearby object, such as a plant (normally a section of a log), an animal, or even another person within reach, leaving the opponent open to a counter-attack. Explosive tags can be attached to the replacement for an added surprise. Fundamentally, all ninja know this technique.

name:: Henge no Jutsu
rank:: E
type:: Ninjutsu
element:: N/A
chakra cost:: 15
description:: This jutsu allows the user to assume the appearance of another person, animal, or object. This is one of the basic jutsu taught at the Konoha Ninja Academy. Fundamentally, all ninja know this jutsu. The transformation jutsu is considered to be among the more difficult E-ranked techniques, since it requires constant emission of chakra while mentally maintaining the form. On top of that, the user would be, most likely, interacting with the environment. This puts much mental strain on the inexperienced ninja.

name:: Bunshin no Jutsu
rank:: E
type:: Ninjutsu
element:: N/A
chakra cost:: 15
description:: This technique creates intangible copies of the user. The clones are simply illusions and will dissipate when they come into contact with something. The illusions can be seen through by the Byakugan and the Sharingan. A person with normal eyes can also distinguish the clones from the original, since the clones will not disrupt the area around themselves with their movement (won't kick up dust, crush grass, etc.).

name:: Nawanuke no Jutsu
rank:: E
type:: Ninjutsu
element:: N/A
chakra cost:: 5
description:: A basic jutsu taught at the Konoha Ninja Academy, this jutsu allows a ninja to free themselves if they have been tied up.

name:: Shunshin no Jutsu
rank:: D-S
type:: Ninjutsu
element:: N/A
chakra cost:: 10
description:: This jutsu is a high-speed movement technique, allowing a ninja to move short to long distances at an almost untraceable speed. To an observer, it appears as if the user has teleported. A puff of smoke is occasionally used to disguise the user's movements. It is accomplished by using chakra to temporarily boost the user's reflexes. The amount of chakra required depends on the overall distance between the user and their intended destination.


Born on the third day of the third month, Sōkiís birth was quite normal. Kept in the birthing room, she spent most of her infancy in solitude, only having the same round of nurses come and go as they performed their daily routines. Eyes were always drawn to the blue-haired baby and some were lucky to have a quick look at her matching orbs.

Taken home, Sōki was introduced to a new type of people in her pre-made room. Every last one of them had the same baby doll eyes, and as fingers ran through their hair, the feeling was comparable to running your hands through silk strands. These creatures wore clothing too complicated to explain, but through the childís eyes, they were perfect. Surrounded by a dozen of these dolls, Sōki would be found in her own fortress of solitude for the remainder of her child years.

She lacked real live breathing friends. The ones you could scream at, and expect them to scream back. With her dolls, it was easy to get her way, since there was no competition. Realization came, as Sōki knew she had to stop living in a fantasy world. For someone having spent their growing years with inanimate objects, Sōki was able to pick out right from wrong, as easy as that. Sōki hadnít accounted for the fact at the difficulty of making human friends, which did bring upon her some obstacles. At the end, Sōki succeeded.

Couple years have passed and Sōki has significantly grown into a maturing young girl. Strangers eyeing her to determine whether her hair was real or not was a fact she lived with, but some were hard to accept, such as the rounds of hormonal boys.

Academy Student Arc

Sōkiís parents didnít hate her. They had decided to throw her into the ninja academy, with the sole reason to protect their only daughter. Fully understanding Sōkiís trouble with person-to-person interaction, she could only question their reasoning for their rash actions. Her optimism refused to show up in Sōkiís mind during her sulking days. Sōki was constantly kept in a safe bubble, so despite her knowledged brain, shinobi and sneaky ninja people were breaking news.

rp sample::
Quote :
Peering through the pudgy clouds hovering over the Mist Village, the girl, nay, the villagers could see the miniscule ray of sunshine tapping the surroundings. As rare as it was, not many seemed to have even considered the slightest of interest to enjoying the day outside, considering the slow activity on the quiet streets. Possibilities of the undisturbed outdoors were not questionable; as people seemed to enjoy spending time indoors for most of the day.

It would, be of great shame, to let this sun go to waste, knowing it wouldnít return for who-knows-how-long. Moving ever-so-delicately around the narrow paths they called sidewalks, the pitter-patter of the sandals against petite puddles could be heard within walking distance of the girl. Water on the kimono would be considered an outrage, but the lovely day had pushed its way through her uptight barriers. How else to explain the girlís careless attitude?

ďThe training grounds..Ē Inaudible as her voice was, the noisemakers made their way to the closest sidewalk to the grounds. It wasnít long after muted thuds were heard, as Misa had moved on from wet sidewalks, to wet grass. The scenery before her was different, but not breathtaking enough for the girlís standards. After all, it was the training grounds. Something so striking as a glass fountain would be considered as some new punching bags in this type of environment. Her visit here was indeed odd.

Her strides lessened in length, reaching a new obstacle. She couldnít say his attention was fixed upon her, as his eyes were gazing elsewhere. Misa hadnít given herself the chance to engage in new friendships, and he wasnít looking any familiar. Reminiscing in old movies, the typical situation here would be the girl to speak first, and then it was usually the boy who came up with the witty responses. But when was Misa a ďtypicalĒ girl?

ďYour shoes donít match your shirt.Ē
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PostSubject: Re: Tsura, Soki.   Sat Aug 22, 2009 5:31 pm

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Tsura, Soki.
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