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 Primary Life of Living; And Introduction to Death.. [Private; Training - Zane]

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PostSubject: Primary Life of Living; And Introduction to Death.. [Private; Training - Zane]   Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:57 am

Minoichi drifted lightly in the wind, scars covered his topless body. He'd been doing training on himself. As he got older, Chalor because more restless. His chakra spreaded as he felt Yuui's body of chakra get bigger and more powerful, and in doing that, pulling Minoichi along his quest for completion.. and power. He gasped, as yet another wave of pain swept through him. It hadn't been that long ago, roughly four or five years since he first got Chalor, and according to Saruno, he was in debt to get Juuichimaru.. Whatever that was. Sure, he'd done a lot of research, but Juuichimaru was a supposed legend. A myth, to be exact, and he wasn't sure if he was ready to take it on. Chalor was the third strongest, and he was only just barely keeping him under control.. Juuichimaru was the first, and his power was far, far beyond both Yuui and Chalors'.

Without another second, he turned and stomped, breathing in hard. He'd developed a new technique, one that would create a copy of yourself, sort of like a Bunshin clone, but actually would disperse blood, and you could battle it for training. The technique was called "Revival Tensuro no Technique" or, in English, "Revival for Battle no Jutsu".

((Short, but you know me, it's a topic starter))
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PostSubject: Re: Primary Life of Living; And Introduction to Death.. [Private; Training - Zane]   Wed Nov 11, 2009 12:24 am

Within a powerful motion of his Step, he had appeared within the area, 40m from where Minoichi was. His hair was longer than it was before, reaching down to almost his elbows. His rage was almost too powerful to even contain. Yuui was strapped to his back, within it's crystalline sheath some. His eyes weren't that much shown, but if it moved only so slightly to the side, his eyes were completely blood shot, mainly from lack of sleep and constant worry. He had been worrying about Kami for a week and a half after she had disappeared. He had to tend to his children and make sure they were off to their school and made sure they were well fed and everything. They weren't spoiled or anything, just normalish Kazura and whatever children. His sigh was long and deep as he slowly started to move towards Minoichi. His hands were dug into his pockets with some annoyance in his sigh. He had given Minoichi Chalor, and he had been training to wield one blade even he couldn't wield yet. Juuichimaru. If He could not wield the blade, Minoichi couldn't. So even if he was to obtain it, he would have to be stronger, if not the strongest user of Chalor in the world. His piercing black gaze slid towards Minoichi as he saw him doing something, he was extremely pissed off and annoyance. Mainly from his, lack of sleep and constant worry.
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Primary Life of Living; And Introduction to Death.. [Private; Training - Zane]
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