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 Tenshi Clan (ready for approval)

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PostSubject: Tenshi Clan (ready for approval)   Thu Mar 18, 2010 11:54 pm

Name: Tenshi
Origin: Konoha
Basic Traits: Pale skin. Red or White eyes
Clan Symbol:
Clan Founder: Takka Tenshi
Clan Population: B

Kekkei Genkai • Bloodline Ability.

Kekkei Genkai Name: Ranpu (light)
States: It has 3 states.
1st state: surrounds self in light blinding all who look
2nd state: same as 1st but more intense and radient
3rd state: same as 2nd but burns 30ft radius
Kekkei Genkai Traits: Can sense another persons true feeling.


History of Clan: The first Tenshi user was Takka Tenshi, living around the time of the 2nd great ninja war. He was born pale skinned and seemingly without pupils or iris's, he did however have dark black hair. When he realised his ability he devoted his life to helping others and forging a clan that would bring peace to the world. When it merged with the clans of Konoha it had open arms and has since progressively developed into a massive clan.
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Tenshi Clan (ready for approval)
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