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 Yuuto Clan, COMPLETE

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PostSubject: Yuuto Clan, COMPLETE   Sat Sep 04, 2010 4:48 pm

The Yuuto Clan

Basic Information.
Note: This clan is open for up to five more members. However, they cannot be higher than Chunin rank to start out with, and I would like to have some part in approving them

    Name: Yuuto
    Origin: The Yuuto people were first considered an official clan near the Hidden Cloud Village.
    Basic Traits: All Yuuto have six dots replacing their iris, circling their black or dark brown pupil. These dots are black. The rest of their eye is white. There hair is never lighter than average brown, and is never blue, green, pink or purple. Brown is most common, but black and dark gray have also been seen.
    Clan Symbol: A six-sided white die with black dots. Usually shown at an angle displaying numbers two, four and six. Usually on the back of their uniforms.
    Clan Founder: Yutomaru
    E (less than 50 members)

Kekkei Genkai Bloodline Ability.

    Kekkei Genkai Name: -No specific name. Energy manipulation-
    States: N/A
    Kekkei Genkai Traits:
The Yuuto clan can manipulate types of energy (I.E. Electric energy,
kinetic energy, heat energy, light energy, etc.) and (in certain cases) turn them into
chakra by using their hands and, for more advanced members, their arms,
feet, forehead, hair and legs. If manipulating an element that they possess naturally, the Yuuto can also use their torso, but in no other case can they use it for their kekkei genkai.

As for manipulation: The Yuuto can stop or reverse
types of energy around them, especially ones that are linked to chakra.
For example: Kinetic energy, the energy of motion. Suppose a kunai was
flying at a Yuuto clan member at a speed of 30 MPH. As soon as that
kunai hits the Yuuto's hand, if the Yuuto is prepared and has done the
needed chakra control/hand signs (Depending on technique), he can either
stop it by absorbing all of the kinetic energy (and getting chakra from
it if done properly) or send it flying back at the same speed in the opposite direction
by repelling all of the kinetic energy (and spending a bit of chakra).
Similar things happen for heat energy and some other types of energy. However, they CANNOT manipulate potential energy, as it is unlimited and impossible to control.
The Yuuto who stopped the kunai is completely uninjured, since all the momentum from
the kunai was either expelled/intook as chakra or was turned around in a
millisecond and sent the other direction, with only friction to slow it

To put it simply in another way, the Yuuto can manipulate momentum by using chakra.
The downside is, if the weapon doesn't actually hit the Yuuto but they had
prepared themselves to stop it, they waste 1/16 or so (Depends on rank)
of their chakra, because chakra was required to prepare their technique. What they do in preparation is move chakra to the area where the kunai is likely to hit, and block oncoming force and energy with their own special chakra. Hyuga can see this trait in their chakra and chakra points.
Advanced Yuuto can 'hold' the momentum for seconds, like pulling back a spring, but it takes constant chakra.

One thing that has only been mastered by the Yuuto clan member Masuyo is the
control of the energy of elements; for example, if a bolt of lightning
was going towards Masuyo's hands-- assuming he's awake/fast enough to notice
it-- he could use the energy control of his clan to stop the electric
energy, then control it himself, but for that specific lightning he can
stop it less than half a second, then must send it back: if a lightning
bolt hits his hand, he can turn the momentum around and send it back at
its original sender or in another direction; in this way he can 'use' the lightning element, but he CANNOT make his own lightning, only momentarily control lightning
that 'hits' him. If he is off time, however, the lightning hits him and
he wastes his chakra. Having the ability to control the earth and water
elements, Masuyo specifically can 'pause' an earth Jutsu that hits him,
re-direct it, and send it away from him. For fire and wind, however, he
must be quick.
The less condensed the element is, the harder it is to stop.

Genetic 'Problems' and Forbidden Marriage
Some people know how basic genetics work and some don't. Here's a very short description for those of you who haven't yet taken Biology or reached
this point in it: A baby gets one gene from each parent to make up basic
traits: That way, they have two genes for each trait. For instance: Eye
color is a trait, and the genes can be Blue, Brown, Green, or more,
sometimes mixes and different shades of the above. But basically, it's blue, brown or green.
Some genes are dominant over others. For instance, Brown eyes are dominant over Blue. So if one parent threw a brown eyed gene and the other threw a blue eyed
gene, the child would have brown eyes no matter what, but would carry a
blue eye gene that's recessive, but could be passed on to the
offspring. Some genes are very dominant, some are very recessive.
Sometimes two equally dominant genes will meet, and will 'share
dominance' which is why you can get a speckled chicken from one black
parent and one white parent. Sometimes offspring will get no dominant
genes, and the two recessive genes they got will 'blend' in color, like
with the Four O'clock flower; a red gene and a white gene get a pink
flower. Genes are represented by letters: Dominant genes are capitalized
(T) and recessive genes are lowercase (t).
Yuuto genes were very, very dominant.

The Yuuto clan discovered their genes were dominant when one married outside of the clan. Normally, with other bloodline traits, one of two things will happen: The genes the kid inherited will share their power (If the kekkei the kid is inheriting
from each parent is the same) or one will be more present than the
other, but the other will still show (If the kekkei is different). Seldom
do different kekkei genes blend.

Take an Uchiha for example... let's
use Sasuke's family. When Fugaku and Mikoto (His parents) had Itachi, he
was a power-baby. That's because the genes the parents throw hold a
random amount of their power; Itachi got 100% power from his father's
gene, and 100% power from his mother's gene, and the genes didn't
dominate each other since they were from the same bloodline; instead
they shared power, giving Itachi approximately 200% of his parent's
power. This happens once in a blue moon (But apparently happened for
Kimimaru and Haku as well... that's a lot of blue moons...). Sasuke, on the other hand, got less (though still a lot) of each parent's power in their bloodline, and so was only somewhat more powerful than his father with the Uchiha bloodline.
That is how most genetics work for bloodlines, but not the Yuuto ability.

thing is, every Yuuto gene is extremely dominant, and parents more
often than once in a blue moon give 100% of their ability on to their
children. But no Y (Yuuto) gene wants to be recessive and not
contribute. So, when two Yuuto's have a child and they both throw
dominant Y genes, the child gets one gene from each, just like with
everything else, but instead of sharing like the genes are supposed to
do, they 'fight' brutally for dominance. Which gene wins is fairly
random, but when one gene wins, the other becomes completely recessive
and does not contribute in any way to the child's kekkei ability, because
the other gene overpowered it, almost 'killing' it. Occasionally one
gene will kill the other and the child will have a mental disorder or

As for the winning gene, it is all that contributes to the
child's power, and because of this, a child can never be more powerful
than the strongest of his parents, because he can basically only inherit
one kekkei gene that will give him his bloodline trait. This way, the
Yuuto clan was kept in check with their power.

So, why not marry someone who doesn't have a bloodline trait?
Because of what the elders discovered happens when they did.

When someone without a bloodline trait marries, both genes that would be
filling the space for bloodline trait that they can pass on are recessive
(We'll call them 'x'). Therefore, if they marry someone with a
bloodline trait, the child will most likely have the bloodline trait,
but will only have it from one parent, and so will only have whatever %
that parent passes on; be it 1% or 100%, the child is very seldom more
powerful than the parent.

But what happens when an extremely dominant gene is put into play is different, as with the Yuuto ability?
If a Yuuto, who always has Yy genes to pass on (the lower-case y being the
one that lost the battle), was to marry a non-kekke, who always has xx
genes to pass on, two things could happen. First, the child could
inherit two recessive genes, yx. Then this child would be just like the
child in the above paragraph, with only % bloodline from one parent.

But if the child was to inherit a dominant gene, making their genes Yx, then things get messy.
As with all Y genes, the Y gene would attack the other gene. But in this
case, the other gene is a recessive, gene, so it wouldn't fight back.
Instead, the extremely dominant Y gene would not only defeat the x gene,
but get rid of it completely; the Y gene would copy itself over the x
gene, since the x gene stands for 'no kekkei'. Since the Y gene copied
itself over there, it would not fight the new dominant Y gene (the copy
it just made) like it would a different Y gene from a different parent;
since it is an exact copy, the gene sees no need to fight what it
created; that would be like fighting itself. So both genes stay
dominant, and both contribute.
And like I said before, Yuuto genes more
than often contribute at least 90% of their power onto the next
generation due to their dominance, so the child born would likely have
at least 180% of their Yuuto parent's kekkei-gen-kai power, even though
they had a parent with no bloodline.

That is why the clan elders
did not allow marriage outside the clan to people with no kekkei; they
feared the children born. As for the way they had discovered this, one
of them had married someone outside the clan.

Because the child born
had two completely alike genes (YY), he was unable to have children of
his own. This happens with 50% of people born with complete copy genes,
such as a child who gets two genes from one parent (YY).

Thus is the explanation of Yuuto genes. In a nutshell: They can't marry outside the
clan for fear of Itachi-powered Yuuto kids, because it will occur 50% of
the time.

Clan Jutsu (that which is known to all clan members):

Name: Basic Absorption/Momentum Switch technique
Rank: E-C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: None
(Based on how a Genin would perform) The basic absorption jutsu taught
to young Yuuto in training, this Jutsu hardly comes in handy in real
life, but is a basis for all other Jutsu and must be learned before
other Jutsu can be learned: This Jutsu starts when the user channels
their chakra to their hands. Once this is done, the user can stand still
and concentrate hard enough to block oncoming weapons with their hands,
doing minimal damage to their hands and defending them. Once they get
that down they can start sending small bursts of chakra through their
hands right as the weapons hit them, to send the weapon back a small
ways in the direction it came. If they miss it only costs a little
chakra, so it is a good training technique. It only costs E-rank chakra if they don't miss.

Name: Kinetic-Energy Absorption
Rank: D+
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: None
If a weapon or other solid object (Including a fist/foot from an
opponent or a solid/concentrated element) is flying at the Yuuto, the Yuuto may block it with his arms,
hands, legs, feet, hair (B or higher) or head (C or higher) to use the following Jutsu: By adding
concentrated chakra to the area where the projectile will hit, the Yuuto
may stop the weapon in its tracks, by bringing back his chakra he had
concentrated at a fast enough pace to 'suck' the energy out of the
weapon, stopping its momentum completely and (If A rank) turning
that energy into Chakra energy (thus gaining a small amount of chakra). The weapon, completely sucked of
momentum, will then normally fall to the ground as though dropped. For
Chunin, there is a 25% chance they went too slow to stop it completely,
and sustained minor injuries where it hit. D rank technique stops it with minor injuries to Yuuto, C-B ranked technique only
stops it, while A-S rank of this Jutsu can actually absorb energy from
it, gaining back any chakra they lost while preparing the Jutsu. It's
most simple of the clan Jutsu, taught when the Yuuto is about thirteen.
If this move misses: it takes about (slightly changed depending on
speed of oncoming object) 1/5 of a Genin's chakra, 1/8 of a Chunin's
chakra, 1/18 of
a Jonin's chakra, and 1/30 of an S-ranked ninja's
chakra. (Note: if multiple projectiles are flying at Masuyo, he has
learned to alter this technique to lose less chakra per miss)

Name: False Start
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: None
The Yuuto may punch, kick or otherwise hit an opponent, but instead of
injuring them, the Yuuto uses their own kekke genkai to send their own
momentum back into them, sending them flying away from their opponent.
This is a good way to build distance between you and your opponent if
things start getting too close. A-rank and higher may 'waste' a little
of their opponent's chakra in the effort, but not enough to be worth
concentrating on in a heated battle. If this move misses: it takes 1/10
of a Chunin's chakra, 1/20 of a Jonin's chakra. Does not effect S-rank
ninja. Can be done on none-living objects, and with more than just the feet.

Name: Echo Momentum
Rank: C-B (takes very little chakra if properly done; see description)
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: None
If a weapon or other solid/concentrated object (Including any part of an enemy's
body, if they are using Taijutsu) is flying at the Yuuto, the Yuuto may
block it with his arms, hands, legs, feet, hair or head to use the following
Jutsu: By adding concentrated chakra to the area where the projectile
will hit, right as it hits or the moment before, the Yuuto member turns the
momentum in the object completely around, like a bat hitting a baseball
flying at it, except Yuuto hardly have to move. The weapon is then sent
directly back where it came from, at almost the same speed, just a
little slower with friction and energy lost in the form of heat. If it
was a fist/other part of the enemy's body that was hitting them, it will
turn the move around, sending the enemy flying if he hit hard enough,
but will not injure the attacker normally unless the attacker runs into
something. If this move misses: it takes 1/18 of a Jonin's chakra, and 1/32 of an S-ranked ninja's chakra.

Name: Pain of Death Grip
Rank: B+
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: None
An add on to Echo Momentum, instead of immediately sending the
projectile back at the opponent, the Yuuto can 'hold' the momentum, take
a moment to aim, then send the projectile back the direction they
intend. This way they can aim at a moving opponent. Jonin may only hold
the projectile for half a second. S rank ninja may hold it for two
seconds, if chakra permits. This technique constantly but slowly drains
chakra until completed. The larger the projectile the more physical
energy it takes.
(Note: if the user was S ranked and happened to have as much chakra as Naruto, then he could probably hold it for five seconds).

Name: Heat-Energy Absorption
Rank: B+
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: None
A fairly newly discovered technique, it allows a Yuuto to absorb
some amount of heat coming from a fire Jutsu, in much the same way
Kinetic-Energy Absorption works. If the fire is coming at the Yuuto in a
concentrated bolt, the Yuuto can raise both or one arm or leg to block
the oncoming bolt and reflect the heat energy, therefore not getting
burned and dissipating the fire. However, this technique is very difficult as fire (Like wind) is
not a 'holdable' object, and is not organized in any way. It also
takes a constant slow drain of chakra until the fire is gone. S-ranked
Ninja can also block with hands, feet or forehead, and can block fire
that is not concentrated (such as fire surrounding them) for a short
of time. B rank can be used for five seconds. A rank technique can be
used for ten seconds, S-rank technique can be used for thirty seconds,
chakra permitting. It may be used every twenty
second for A rank technique, and every ten seconds for S-rank technique
(Once the first thirty seconds are used, they need a short break from
This technique takes very precise chakra control to master.

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PostSubject: History   Sat Sep 04, 2010 5:06 pm


History of Clan:

Birth and Beginnings (First ruler)
The Yuuto clan has been around for centuries, and are uncertain of how
they came about. Stories passed down by the elders tell of shinobi who
learned to manipulate chakra in difficult ways, and formed great chakra
control. These shinobi came together during the first war and created a
clan. Over time they formed the Yuuto kekkei-gen-kai, supposedly named
after their official founder, Yutomaru. However, the Yuuto clan had
strange genetics, that some people would call 'genetic faults', and so
they were never able to get very powerful (Explained in detail above in
'Genetic Problems and Forbidden Marriage') because the clan leaders
forbid marriage outside the clan due to the effect of the Yuuto genes.

Village and Early History: Fourth to Sixth rulers

Over the years the Yuuto clan protected a small, unimportant village, and
became the main force of shinobi there. But the Yuuto clan always wanted
greater things, more power... their leaders were always power-hungry
and looking for ways to 'cheat'. But the rules of their ancestors forbid
them from marrying outside the clan, and so they seldom grew in size.

They first protected the Cloud Village when their fourth ruler (name was lost in time) ruled, but when another greater clan took over as the main protectors for that village, they left to search for a more 'thankful' village to protect; they wandered for the whole life of their sixth ruler (Kazumaru). Shortly after his death, they found a small village called the village Hidden in Sunlight. There they settled and their seventh leader, Kazuko Yuuto, decided that arranged marriages were necessary for his heir, in order to keep power in the bloodline. Kazuko was the first Yuuto who considered having his son marry outside the clan, just this once, to get a more powerful child to rule after him. However, his plans were discovered, and his own son gave the word to execute him; punishment for treacherous thoughts against the Ancient Rules were strict.

The Beginning of the End: 7th and 8th Rulers
Kazuko's son Mairoku became clan leader when he was only fourteen. Because of this he never really knew how to lead, despite the elder's teachings, and he was grieved he had had his father killed. He married at age seventeen and had his first child, Makuzu, at age nineteen, and his kind young wife died in childbirth. This added to Mairoku's grief, and so it became even harder for him to lead the clan well.

He was more interested in pillaging enemy villages than he was in raising a son, and so his son learned that power and wealth were necessary to get attention. Mairoku died at the age of forty, when he was on a mission for his village. And so at age twenty-one, his son Makuzu Yuuto became the ninth leader of the Yuuto.

Makuzu married Yana Yuuto, but she was barren. After a few years, a doctor discovered a way to allow her to have one child for Makuzu, and so a baby girl was born to him; she was destined to be the first female leader the Yuuto had ever had. Her name was Maya, and she was a spitting image of the founder of the Yuuto clan; feisty and lively, with a zest for life and adventure.

Tragedy: End of the Yuuto Clan
Right before the beginning of a war with another village, however, things changed,
as Makuzu's daughter Maya disobeyed the Ancient Rules and married outside the clan, fleeing the village. She was killed three years later for her treason, but her
father saw that her children, two boys (not twins), were powerful with the Yuuto bloodline. Very powerful. And so, sensing the coming of a war, he kept them alive.
But as the war came about, he became a paranoid and greedy leader, and in a bad mood one day, killed one of the brothers for disobeying a crazy order he had given just to
see how loyal that boy was.
Crushed, the boy's brother, Masuyo Yuuto, assassinated his grandfather Makuzu and left, leaving a confused and frightened Yuuto clan in the middle of a war. The Yuuto clan did not fare well in the war and their numbers were cut down from hundreds to
tens, and were scattered into three separate family groups including one that moved to Konoha (Status currently unknown). The Sunlight village they lived in was destroyed.

Barely Alive: Current Status
And so the Yuuto people scattered, hiding and hoping the war would soon end. They still kept to the rules of the ancients, however, and did not marry outside their bloodline. This cut down their numbers even further.
This is where they now stand, but they are managing to come back together now, and are considering changing their rules (AKA marrying outside the clan). Masuyo Yuuto, the last heir to the leader Yutomaru, has disappeared but is still alive. Some clan members want him dead, while others wish to thank him.

Thus is the legacy of the Yuuto Clan, which has been around for about 300 years.

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PostSubject: Re: Yuuto Clan, COMPLETE   Sat Sep 11, 2010 5:25 pm

Meh, Well...This is my first time checking Clans, So I'm a newbie xD Dont expect me not to nit pick though. e.e;
Erm...Absorbing energies? Thats pretty much like, absorbing nature energy. o.O; I wont ask about that, though it seems a little Godmoddie to me...

Basic Absorbtion/Momentum Switch: E-C would be good for Rank, if you would. Other wise it's good...

Echo Momentum: C-B rank...

Pain of death grip?: No problem really. Thanks for the comparison... B+ rank?

Heat-Energy Absorb: B+, it sounds like a jutsu for advance members....

History is good...descriptions and such were nice. But if you dont mind, put in Arcs?

Creation/Birth Arc:

Words words words

Misc Arc:

Words words words

Breaking apart/Extinction Arc:

Words words words.

Thank you :'D

Learn my name, and love it. Or you can fear it, you choose :3

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PostSubject: Re: Yuuto Clan, COMPLETE   Mon Nov 29, 2010 10:04 pm

Man, so sorry I haven't been on. I thought the site was totally dead because I was checking the wrong email for updates!!!
SO... I am alive... and embarrassed, heh, that was dumb of me. And I'm replying and fixing the above post in a minute...

OKAY... about the Absorbing Energies thing... that's really nothing, it's just my way of describing how they stop themselves from getting hurt when a Kunai is thrown at them (as an example). What I mean is if they decide not to reverse the momentum, they can 'absorb' it, making the Kunai fall dead to the ground instead of sending it back at its attacker. They don't really gain anything from it... maybe a bit of chakra... nah, none of that. I meant they just STOP the kunai, absorbing momentum instead of reversing it... heh, I'll fix that.

AND... I changed the Jutsu ranks accordingly, put the history into arcs, and wrote that the clan has been around about 300 years... does that sound good?

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PostSubject: Re: Yuuto Clan, COMPLETE   Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:08 am

~Approved. Good job.

Learn my name, and love it. Or you can fear it, you choose :3

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PostSubject: Re: Yuuto Clan, COMPLETE   

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Yuuto Clan, COMPLETE
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