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 A Slender Entrance.

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PostSubject: A Slender Entrance.   Mon Jan 17, 2011 2:48 am

To say that life had not been good to Slen was perhaps a bit unfair. After all, it assumed that he was gifted with a fair life to begin with. Nonetheless, the last few months of his life had been quite literally worse than he could have ever imagined. Seriously, not in his worst dreams would he ever have imagined something tearing out the heart of one of his best friends. Or, that the something that did it would reside within him. He cursed the ninja who gave him the 'gift' again. Why didn't he think before he leapt? That had always been a problem with him.

Slen had been walking for the last few hours, not wishing to make it seem like he was attacking the village by running at normal ninja speed.
He approached the gates, and stared at them. He took a deep breath, as he silently debated his course of action. He knew his main element was Earth. Naturally, he should have gone to Iwagakure. Earth was weak against Lightning, so Kumogakure was not the natural choice. However, Slen had decided to think outside of the box. If his main element was Earth, the it was in his best interest never to face off against the Lightning element in a fight to the death. If he joined another village, then he would probably go up against someone from Kumo sooner or later. It was only logic that decided that he should join the village that was strong against his element, so that he would not have to face off against them.

Bolstered by his logic, he knocked on the door, and called out.

"Hello? Anybody there?"
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A Slender Entrance.
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