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 Hoooooooly mother ___________

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PostSubject: Hoooooooly mother ___________   Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:12 pm

.. I'm back?

Above all rage that is growing inside me, this place meant a lot to me for almost.. 3 years. :\

Minoto here, former head admin, until Zane here took control, AND DIDN'T TELL ME HE WAS REBUILDING IT!

Uhm, yeah. Anyway, i'm Josh, and I hope to become friends with you all one day. You might know me as Mino, Minoichi, Minoichi Kazura or Yukiri Tsuchii, one of those.. 4.

Will I need to remake my character, or ..?
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PostSubject: Re: Hoooooooly mother ___________   Mon Jan 24, 2011 11:20 am

O.O; Mino! Oh em Fudge gee...I didn't even know you were back...I'm glad you are though. We are TRYING to rebuild it, but it's not working well...

Nice to see you again though. I'll restate your Admin if you'd like, and you still have an active character. Any former Admin or Mod that had a character has kept it...Anyone else, well their inactive.

But yeah. Welcome back, I haven't seen you in a year or so. And...Zane, John, and I are in charge. Not just Zane. Though he thinks he is. We all own a third of the website. Confusing I know.

ANYWAY! Questions, or comments should be directed towards me, since how Zane and John haven't bothered to get on lately... Yeah.

Learn my name, and love it. Or you can fear it, you choose :3

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Hoooooooly mother ___________
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