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 The kamesu

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PostSubject: The kamesu   Sat Apr 23, 2011 1:19 am


Basic Information.

    Name: Kamesu
    Origin: they came from the land of sound
    Basic Traits: They all have a little piece of cartilage over the opening of their ears and they all must have they clan symbol tattoo'd on them
    Clan Symbol:
    Clan Founder: Dosu kinuta
    Clan Population: D class

Kekkei Genkai Bloodline Ability.

    Kekkei Genkai Name: Pircing mist
    ability:Through technieques, training and birth they have made the ability of dosu's melody arm and a mist technique into a kekkei genkai, they are able to control sounds to certain deggrees and create an area of deep mist. As it is now they are able to dampen sound (make everything less hearable) and raise the pitch and loudness of it and the deeping and more penatrating the mist is. At each rank they are able to control it more and in a bigger area.
    States: Rank 1--- the size of a lsmall house.- able to dampen all sound to roughly 20 or so decibels and raise it to about 110, able to see about 10 feet in any direction

    Rank 2--- the size of a huge house.- able to dampen all sound to roughly 10 decibels and raise it to about 120, able to see about 5 feet in any direction

    Rank 3--- the size of about half a football field.- able to dampen all sound to roughly 5 decibels and raise it to about 130, able to see about 3 feet in any direction

    Kekkei Genkai Traits:


History of Clan: the kamesu's were a clan of people that had mastered the water and sound techniques and were able to incoperate them together and made jutsu containing both of them, they were originally from the land of water but traveled to the land of sound. they were nearly wiped out because of how feared they became. Everyone knew if they were left alone they would soon have the power to wipe out anything they wanted for any reason, so the land of sound gathered its best ninja to fight and defeat them but they were still nearly outmatched by the clan. the few survivers fled to anywhere they could find and hid that they were from the clan fearing what would happen if it was found out. after that they began regrouping,at first they were under the power of a few fuedal lords for assassinations and the such but since then have broken away from them and used their kekkei genkai for what they want or the ones they are loyal to and only them. They have gaurded many treasures for their lords and have a somewhat gruesome past, but despite these they get along with everyone in their village and do not act like just a clan of "killers". (i will add more to this if nessicary)
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PostSubject: Re: The kamesu   Wed Jun 08, 2011 8:43 am

The Kekkei Genkai is more like a Secret Clan jutsu, but I'll let it slide. ^ ^''

Basic Information... Approved

Kekkai Genkai... Iffy, but Approved.

History... please add a little more. When was the clan formed EXACTLY. Add a little about the clan founder, and add a Present Day Arc as well.

Thank yah, thank yah. ^ ^

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The kamesu
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