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 Burgess Clan

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PostSubject: Burgess Clan   Wed Jun 22, 2011 6:47 pm

NAME: Burgess
ORIGIN: Forest Nearby The Hidden Leaf Village
BASIC TRAITS: Dark Skin, Pointy Tipped Ears
The clan's symbol can be seen on the back of all their shirts, jackets, hoodies, and coats.
CLAN FOUNDER; Chuck Burgess
CLAN POPULATION: B class (500 - 1000 members)
Kekkei Genkai Name: Wind Release: Great Carving Winds

State 1:

State 2:

State 3:

State 4:

KEKKEI GENKAI NAME: Winanata (Wind Manipulation Eye)
Type: Dojutsu
Hand Seals: Ram (to unlock the eye), Snake (to use small Cutting Wind), Monkey (to use Small Carving Wind), Ox (to use Small Hurricane Wind, Tiger (to use Great Hurricane Wind)
Description: The Winanata is the doutsu of the Burgess clan. This dojutsu is not activated by birth, it has to be activated by a tragic event in the users life. The only recorded ninja to use the technique to it's limit is Chuck Burgess, the clan founder. This dojutsu gives it's weilder the power to use Wind Release: Great Carving Winds, another Kekkei Genkai of the clan. The eye has a blue tint with a triangle around the pupil.

KEKKEI GENKAI TRAITS: The Winanata (when activated), agility (speed boost)


HISTORY OF CLAN: During the time of endless war, before the hidden villages, Chuck, the future leader of the clan, was a samuri in the Iron Country. The future Co-leader of the clan, Forrest (Smokey) was an assastion. One day, the Samuri attempted to infultraite his base of operation in a forest next to the future Konohagakure No Sato. Forrest left Chuck alive after killing everyone else. Chuck then attempted to kill Forrest. After a little schrimage between the two, Forrest gave up and the two came to a conclusion, they would be rivals, since both their powers matched one another.

About a year later, the two met again at Forrest's newly created village in the forest where they fought a year before. The two had a battle, coming to the conclusion that they became best friends. Chuck gatherd five-hundred freinds and so did Forrest and they formed a clan that they named Burgess
(bur-gess) because burgess meant "freedom". The family fought with many other clans during the time of war, but after the hidden villages were created, they came into Konohagakure No Sato to live out their lives.

About 5 years after coming to live in Konoha, Chuck, Forrest, and the clan council (two ninja named Sasuke and Hikaru) gatherd in the clans main office to discuss about creating a kekkei genkai for the clan, with everyone awnsering yes. Chuck spent two years using eyes from very skilled ninja in the clan to create the dojutsu. After creating the dojutsu, he presented himself to Sasuke, Forrest, and Hikaru to show them the finished product and about the activation cost. Forrest, Sasuke, and Hikaru killed their wives to get the dojutsu after some of Chuck's DNA strands were implanted into their bodies. After they all unlocked their Winanata, they started to work on the clan's Kekkei Genkai jutsu, which would be a three and a half working process.

After three and a half years of grueling day after day training, Chuck, Forrest, Sasuke, and hikaru completed the jutsu, which they called Wind Release: Great Carving Winds since the Winanata is another created word for (Wind Manipulation Eye). The jutsu was broken into four stages, only Chuck being able to use the fourth stage, Great Hurricane Wind, in which he destroyed the water country by accident and was asasinated. After that, Forrest became the clan leader.

Not long after Chuck was assasinated, a ninja named Daichino used the fourth stage in an attempt to destroy Konoha. In the process, he killed the second Hokage and council while they used a jutsu to confine the Fire Country in a giant barrier, draining their chakra down to zero, and he defected the village. After this, the third hokage kept close tabs on the clan, but that soon ended during the rule of the fourth hokage, sometime after the third great shinobi world war.
After the war, the hokage made a peace treity with the clan and as a result, made the clan the police force, after the uchiha clan retierd it rank as police force.

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PostSubject: Re: Burgess Clan   Mon Jun 27, 2011 5:05 pm

Hmm e.e.... This is REALLY on the boundaries, but...Approved. Unless ofcourse, another admin says other-wise.

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Burgess Clan
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