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 Raigaia Clan

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PostSubject: Raigaia Clan   Fri Oct 17, 2008 3:14 pm

Name: Raigaia clan

kekkai Genkai:golden thunder

ablitites: The ragaia clan can use what is called golden thunder which is the ability of manifesting their chakra into a form of gold electricity. this allows them to use different types of lightning affiliated jutsus.

history: the Raigaia clan was a small clan of ninja that settled into Konoha a long time ago. The members of the clan served the village as electricans due to their kekkai genkais. Only the elite of the clan were to be shinobi. Daichi's father who was the leader of the clan perished in battle leaving the question of who would rule. After Daichi was born the clan members would not accept him for a heir because he was only an infant so the clan destroyed itself fighting over who would rule it. Unfortunately the only one left of this clan is Daichi who only knows about his special powers but not knowing the origins of himself or his simple minded clan.

Most of their lightning affiliated jutsus are weaker when at a certain point but once to a new rank can be increased and some more powerful ones can be gained.

name:raigaia style: thunder bolt jutsu
chakra cost:20
element:clan jutsu:lightning
description: this allows Daichi to extend 2 of his fingertips and a thunder bolt hurdels towards his opponet. this may paraylze an opponet if hit directly for 1 post

name:raigaia style: thunderous clap jutsu
element:clan jutsu:lightning
chakra cost:40
description: chakra is summounded up and is released in a powerful shockwave of electricity from Daichi's hand (2 waves of electricty) may paralyze opponet for 2 posts. this technique can be more powerful at a higher rank

name:raigaia style:thunder fist
element: clan jutsu:lightning
chakra cost:20
description: this jutsu allows Daichi to focus his chakra in his fist allowing the lightning to flow threw his fist he can either slam this into the ground and a small streak of lightning will run at the opponet or he can use simply as a jab or punch towards the opponet. This technique can become more powerful at a higher rank.

Techniques above can be increased at a higher rank except for the first one.

higher ranked clan jutsus
name:raigaia stlye: spears of light
element:clan technique: lightning
chakra cost:85
descrption: the sky is filled with numerous spears of lightning that are released on the users mark or command (May paraylze opponets for 2 post if hit directly)

name:raigaia style summoning: raiju of thunder (golden tiger)
element:clan summoning
chakra cost:40
description:this golden tiger is large and it is always surrounded by a large glow of golden lightning and is only summouned by Daichi and his dead father.
Extra info: this tiger ia able to use the clan jutsus but it takes away from Daichi's chakra.

name:raigaia style: volt expulsion
element:clan jutsu:lightning
chakra cost:120
description: the user manifests a large amount of chakra into a certain point of their body and from their the lightning infuses them and they become surrounded by a gold eletrical aura. Once then the user can use this aura of chakra in anyway they please. when the user turns back and loses the aura it means the affect of the jutsu is wearing off. (usually only work for 4 posts)

Note: daichi can use none of the jutsus at his current level but as he advances through the ranks he will and he will strengthen the others.
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mitsuhide akechi

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PostSubject: Re: Raigaia Clan   Fri Oct 17, 2008 3:34 pm

you will need to update this in time. (for instance what those jutsu do as they get more powerful)

but for now it has my approval
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Raigaia Clan
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