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 Seiju [Completed]

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PostSubject: Seiju [Completed]   Wed Nov 12, 2008 3:25 pm

Name: Seiju

Clan Emblem:

Origin: Konohagakure

Kekkei Gekkei: N/A

Chakra Cost: N/A

Description: The Seiju Clan are one of the oldest clans in Konohagakure. Strangely enough, they have no bloodline or special ability that set them apart from normal ninjas. Instead, their reputation is upheld by the quality of ninja from the Clan with frequent Anbu and Medical Ninja recruits, even at a young age. Furthermore, the Seiju also adopt orphans if the Seiju Elders believe the child has the potential to be a great ninja.

Structure: The Clan's structure is fairly strange. Every Seiju member is held with equal respect and hold equal positions within the Clan, even the youngest members. There are two special positions in the clan that are exempt from this rule, the Head of the Clan is regarded with higher respect and his word is more important than any other save the Hokage, secondly, there is an elected member who holds the position of Tribune for two years. The Tribune has equal power and respect to the Clan Head.

The current Head of the Clan is Watashi Seiju.
The current Tribune of the Clan is Sora Seiju.

Special Effect: N/A

Clan History:

The Seiju Clan were originated from the royal feudal clan of the Katakura Clan, in an era before ninjas were widely used and long before the creation of the first ninja villages. This was a time when the Land of Fire was split up into much smaller states ruled by feudal lords. One of these lords was Mitoshi Katakura, a man who rose to his status through excellent tactical skills and diplomatic assurity.

However, a deep feud developed between his two sons. Yakushi Katakura and Yoroi Katakura, this was because both were twins but Yakushi was the elder by a matter of minutes. Thus, he would inherit control of the state when Mitoshi died. Yoroi was not content with his second status and started to gather up his own supporters.

This was the start of the schism which would seperate the Katakura. However, civil war was prevented from occuring when Mitoshi formed the Seiju branch of the Katakura, a branch specialising in assassination and ninjutsu and a branch whose head would be Yoroi. Furthermore, Mitoshi made it a rule that the Seiju Head would be equal in power to the Katakura Head and that both would operate together to ensure overall prosperity for their small state.

Gradually, the Seiju Clan seperated from the Katakura until they were essentially independent clans. Around this time, various Daimyo's began conquering the smaller states and forming the countries we recognise today. Ninjas had become common and were hired regulary to fight against ninja from other states. Prominent Clans such as the Uchiha Clan and the Senju Clan quickly rose in stature to the top of the ninja world and were feared greatly.

The Seiju, did not fall far behind, despite their lack of bloodlines because they far excelled most other clans in their strategy and tactics. The clan moved as a whole unit rather than individual ninjas, each movement was calculated with precision via logistics and supply lines to ensure victory and they often encircled their enemies on a favourable location to defeat them.

As the Seiju Clan's reputation grew, they made a treaty with the Senju's against the Uchiha Clan. Despite being allied with the Senju, they almost never fought the Uchiha Clan in open combat and gradually the two clans made peace again. Soon after this, the Senju allied with the Uchiha and the village of Konoha was formed. The Seiju remained in the Land of Fire, continuing to be hired out for missions and battles against other clans but eventually realised that the future was in Ninja Villages.
Without hesistation, they joined Konoha and are now one of many clans in the village.

Yamato Branch - Basic Family Tree:
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Hizashi Seiju

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PostSubject: Re: Seiju [Completed]   Thu Dec 18, 2008 5:53 pm

Name of Branch: Seiju Clan Branch or Zakuru Branch

Origin: Unkown, Resides In Konohagakure No Sato

Kekkei Gekkei: Shougan

Chakra Cost: 150 of activation

Description: The Shougan is a Zakuru Kekkei Genkai or now, the Seiju's branch side Kekkei Genkai, though still called Zakuru branch. Everyone borned from the side of that branch, will get the Kekkei Genkai, Shougan. When not activated the users eyes are dark blue. The muscles are as a normal person at the users age. The user isn't much of a threat when it isn't activated. The Zakuru have a special sealing on the back of their neck that goes down to their mid back.

The seal is a curved black dragon. Sparks of black fire go around it. This dragon simbolizes the seal given to the Zakuru once one is born. When the Shogan is activated the users eyes glow a dark dark green. The eyes remain glowing for a few seconds.

After about five to ten seconds the eyes go back to normal and the muscles began to transform. The muscles grow bigger and stronger. This goes mainly all over the body. It has more effect on the leg muscles, though. Once the transformation is complete, the user will have more strenghth and speed than usual.

Speed: Academy Student: 20MPH
Genin: 35MPH
Chuunin: 50MPH
Jounin: 70MPH

Zakuru Dragon Seal

Special Effect: Have the power of super speed and perefected Kenjutsu They can go a lot more faster than a normal person. The Kekkei Genkai name is Shogan, When activated, the eyes glow green for a few moments and the leg muscles slowly increase. The Shogan also increases the Kenjutsu amount, thus basicly perfecting it. This needs a lot of training. The Kekkei Genkai is mastered at Chuunin Level. The Shogan grants extra muscles in the leg making the user almost a flicker when activated and used at Chuunin rank. The Zakuru clan specializes in Kenjutsu so this combined with speed is a rather good combination. It makes an almost perfect Kenjutsu due to the fact of the muscles, flexibility and speed increasing

Clan History:The Zakuru clan were mainly a wandering clan which was spread out all around the ninja world. The Zakuru were mainly split in two groups. The pure and the unpure. The pure members were mainly the ones with the Dragon Seal, which hid the main and secret oblvion and true power of the clan. It was sealed so the Zakuru wouldn't go insane or would of had immense muscle strenghth and almost undetactable speed.

The unpure were the ones without the seal. Small fights were shown here and there but obviously, the unpures always won due to their almost unlimited strenghth. The Pure King of the Pure group was murdered by the unpures on a attemp of an invasion. The pures madly declared the war on the unpures causing havoc. This was soon to be a great and deadly clash.

Pure Zakuru's attempted attacks on unpure villages and always failed and got massacared. At this time, the pure ones had little to no chance on defeating the unpures. They were desperate for help and travelled to Konohagakure. They asked the loyal Senju for help and were assisted. The Pure Zakuru's and Senju attacked the unpure villages and quickly succeded.

Since only elder pure Zakuru's knew how to perform the Dragon Seal they had to trap the Unpures. The Senju assisted in here too. Once the Dragon Seal was placed down upon a member, they would remember everything they'd done, but just have their powers limited by the Dragon Seal. Over centuries have passed and the accient unpures and pures now reside together in Konoha, but some have developed hatred over Senju. Hizashi was born by a unpure father and an pure mother.

After years and years of treatys and meetings, the Zakuru clan got merged in with the Seiju clan, thus making it just another branch of the Seiju clan, so the name was changed to Seiju. It is still though called the Zakuru branch at times. Even as if it is called the Zakuru Branch, they still have their last name as Seiju.

Zakuru Clan Techniques and Equipment

Name:Zakuru Special Pills
Rank: N/A
Type: N/A
Chakra Cost: Pills effect lasts around 5 posts
Element: N/A
Description:These special pills were designed for the Zakuru. The Shogan takes up a lot of muscle fiber in battle, due to the fact that it strains the muscles because of their high strenght and speed. These pills are taken by the Zakuru to restore the fiber in their body so their muscles, and/or ligemants so the user can last longer in battle and make the muscles and ligemants stronger or when they deactivate the Shogan, they wonít have their muscles too damaged. These pills give the user fiber. For the fibers to be spread out all over the body, it would take 1 post to prepare, so Zakuruís usually take this pill when they start feeling a bit dizzy.

Name: Shogan Blindness
Rank: D
Type: Doujutsu / Ninjutsu
Chakra Cost: 30
Element: N/A
Description:Once Hizashi activates his Shogan, it makes a huge bright green light from his eyes for a few mere seconds. If the opponent is close to Hizashi and is problably looking at him eye to eye or something close when Hizashi activates this, this jutsu can cause temporary blindness due to so much bright light being activated at once. This jutsu lasts one posts.
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PostSubject: Re: Seiju [Completed]   Sat Dec 20, 2008 1:00 am

Name: Asaiga Branch - Seiju Clan

Origin: Originally a nomadic clan, but came to Konoha a few years after it was founded.

Clan Symbol:

Kekkei Gekkei: Denkitouza

Chakra Cost:

Academy Student: 50
Genin: 100
Chuunin: 190
Jounin: 230
Anbu+: 300

Description: Denkitouza (Electric Current) is the unique Kekkei Gekkei of the Asaiga clan. It got its name because of the clan's unqique ability to manipulate a current of electricity throughout their bodie.

Denkitouza can be used for many different things, ranging from Ninjutsu to Healing Arts, it is a powerful ability and used often by the clan members. It can be used to use specific jutsu, or allow the member to access lightning chakra easier. A common use for it in members is manipulating it through weaponry.

The members of the Asaiga clan are born with the Kekkei Gekkei. They gradually grow stronger with it through age and training instead of stages. The stronger and more fluent they become with the Kekkei Gekkei, the more electricity they can manipulate.

Special Effect: Lightning jutsu cost 50% less Chakra Points

Clan History:

The Asaiga clan was originally a branc family, traveling around the world at a slow pace. It would stop at shinobi villages for supplies and such, but only for a few days each. The leaders were elected while the clan traveled, so it could avoid monarchy and fighting from the members of the clan.

Eventually, a few years after Konohagakure was founded, the Asaiga moved into Konoha, in an attempt to have a village life. Konoha accepted them as a lesser clan, in hopes that they would grow into a more major clan. At first, the Asaiga grew rapidly, produceing amny skilled ninja. They flourished because of their unique kekkei genkei because it was so foreign to the shinobi of Konoha. While in Konoha, they decided to accept a monarchy system like most of the other clans did, so, starting with their current leader, began to have heredital succession.

After years of growing, the Asaiga clan hit the beggining of a depression. They weren't producing near as many shinobi, and not many were able to get through the Chuunin Exams. The leaders of the clan tryed to redeem they old glory by making it mandatory for a male in each family to train their children along with the training at the Academy, but the effort still failed.

The Asaiga clan most recently was absorbed as a branch family into the Seiju clan. The absorbtion is quite recent, so not much is known about their current status.
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PostSubject: Re: Seiju [Completed]   

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Seiju [Completed]
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