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 The Hayabusa Clan.

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PostSubject: The Hayabusa Clan.   Sun Dec 07, 2008 7:41 pm

Name: Hayabusa (It's The Japanese word for Peregrine Falcon.)

Origin: The Origins of the clan is the Village hidden in the mist but a few years after founding they moved to Konoha.

Kekkei Gekkei: Muay Thai - It's a simple fighting styles utilizing the 8 limbs as weapons (Elbows, knees, feet and hands.)

Chakra Cost: None.


The clan is viewed by most as a bunch of brawlers, and so is tier code. They are generally red haired, and green eyed by hereditaries. Most of which wear the clans colors which are white and red. The white represents purity, the red represents the brute force and stregth of the clan. The clan also has a mentality to never back down to any challenge.

The clans basic laws are as Proceeds:
3. NEVER HIT AN UN-ARMED KUNOICHI. (Who isn't using jutsu)
These laws stand the clan for what it needs to be. They are the strong. They are taught Muay Thai at a young age. They are not allowed to go to school until they have mastered muay thai. They are also not allowed to use weapons, only Ninjutsu and Taijutsu.

Special Effect:

Muay Thai: A fighting style that all Hayabusa must master before they are allowed to go to school. This fighting style utilizes the 8 limbs to knock an opponent unconcious. 8 limbs being: Hands, Elbows, Knees, Feet. In a repition of Elbows, Punches, Knees, And Kicks. This fighting style is not meant for those who expect not to take pain aswell as give it.

Funding: The Hayabusa clan is a very very rich clan, thier claim to richness is a rice farm found years ago. They harvest, package, and sell the rice to different restaurants and countries. They also have a bamboo forest, this is used as a training grounds for young Hayabusa. The bamboo is also cut and the sugar harvested from it to sell aswell.

Clan History:

The Day of Founding 1000 years ago.

About a thousand years ago, a warrior named Hiro was walking through The Village Hidden in the Mist. He wondered about his past, he never knew a last name, never knew a Heritage. he looked up to the sky and say a Peregrine Falcon, on this day the clan was born. When Hiro turned 28 he finally wed and was actually able to put the Hayabusa name on the map. He Adopted Hayabusa clan name because the Falcon is a symbol of Speed, Power, and Strength.

The Year of Sadness 500 years ago.

500 Years after the clans founding the clan was almost ended, for some reason the family member were not able to reproduce no matter how hard they tried. 10 years had gone by and there was no new offspring no one to carry on the name. Until finally a Son was born. The hailed him as the savour of the Hayabusa clan, when he turned 30 he devised and created a fighting style today known as Muay Thai. He also developed certain family laws. Never hit an unarmed woman who is not Kunoichi. Never give up, Never back down from a fight. No Offspring are allowed to go to School until they have Mastered Muay Thai.

The Year of Prosper 200 years ago.

A Young kunoichi for the clan is running around outside the house when she decides to follow a shadow she sees, she would go missing. Almost 25 years later the kunoichi would send a single letter to the rest of the Hayabusa Clan they are shocked as all the note says is "Come to konoha". The Clan packed up and moved to konoha upon arrival the kunoichi took them to her land which had a big house on it more mansion sized and in the back Lay a very very large Rice field. The Kunoichi explains to the family about getting lost and being adopted then finding the rice fields she explains how there is now enough money being made off of it to last 4000 years worth of Hayabusa. The Clan celebrates thier newfound wealth.
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PostSubject: Re: The Hayabusa Clan.   Tue Dec 09, 2008 4:03 pm

~Looks good, creative and quite unique. I like it. Approved! ^-^
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The Hayabusa Clan.
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