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 Damura Myaku

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PostSubject: Damura Myaku   Thu Nov 05, 2009 11:47 am

Basic Character Information:
Name: Damura Myaku
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Weight:[255 lbs]
Height: 6'7
Sexuality: Straight
Clan: Myaku

Damura is by one of the tallest persons in the history he has been on. Luckily for him he hasn't found someone yet of his own size or bigger. He stands out to be about 6'7 of height. And weights about 255 pounds without his armor and such. With his armor he tends to weight about 380 pounds. He has slightly dark skinned tone color of skin, and even has several markings around his body that represent his culture as being a monk and such. He has no kind of hair in his head. But instead he has a rather bushy and long brown beard. He has about two circles in his forehead, coming down from largest to smallest. These circles were literally burnt into his skin. he also has gigantic beads around his neck. These are colored brown, and tend to weight about 35 pounds. Aside from all of his stuff around his body he's very muscular, more than his half of his weight i based only on muscles. Giving him a rather more scary look, and intimidating.

He got a sleeveless light brown shirt.


Basic Clan Information
[Optional, may not apply]
Kekkei Gekkei:Myaku
Description:Members of this clan are born with the ability to generate localized electromagnetic phenomena, by manipulating intense bio-electric fields generated by his body. This is a power that he internalized and kept hidden for much of the early part of his adult life. Exactly how much electrical energy a member of this clan can generate is unknown but they can easily stun or kill a man with his powers, and on one occasion they are able to bring dead people back to life by giving them pulses of electricity directly to his heart. He can also generate a powerful electro-magnetic force field capable of stopping projectiles, however, this act requires considerable effort and concentration. They can also generate an electromagnetic field that allows them the ability of flight for certain amount of times.
Link: [url=][/url] [Link to approved clan. It works best if the Clan is done in the Clan Section before the Character is done here. This only applies to Clans to Kekkei Genkais.]
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Damura Myaku
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