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 Shitaji Clan

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Emperor Susanoo


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PostSubject: Shitaji Clan   Sun Aug 19, 2012 7:08 pm


Basic Information.

    Name: Shitaji
    Origin: Origally from Kumogakure
    Basic Traits: N/A
    Clan Symbol:
    Clan Founder: Akaede Shitaji
    Clan Population: D class

Kekkei Genkai Bloodline Ability.

    Kekkei Genkai Name: Desertification Technique

    Ability: Members of the Shitaji clan have the ability of desertification things around them by their very step upon land itself. Usually desertification is caused by a climate change, though members of the Shitaji clan have the power of desertification of everything around them within a radius. As the user somewhat increase in rank, the radius of this ability increases thus becoming more powerful. You can say that members of this clan have the ability to desertificate everything such as soil, vegetation and even buildings around them within a certain radius. Decreasing the water availability, and increased soil erosion from wind and water. Everything around them will be like a desert, and an abandoned space.

    Genin 7ft Radius
    Chuunin 14 ft Radius
    Jounin 28 ft Radius
    Kage 52ft Radius

    Because there isn't nothing such as plants and such and is basically turned like a desert the air is completely hot in that certain area and water evaporates in a few minutes after it had been used. These physical objects that have been touched or are in range with their 'chakra fortress' are completely desertificated and turned into dust and can be used for such jutsu of the dust element.

    Fire: Usually about 50% stronger than normal fire when exposed to the habitat of a Shitaji clansmen due to the dry air and moisture

    Lightning: Weak against the Desert element. (15% weaker

    Water: Water is pointless to use against a Shitaji clansmen. Sure you can use it for a minute from a specific source that an opponent makes. But it will soon vanish due to the hot air and dry lands

    Range of Manipulation: Members of the Shitaji clan actually have the ability to create a chakra fortress (passive ability) As the user ranks up and gets stronger the radius of this chakra fortress enlarges. Only objects that have been desertificated and inside the 'chakra fortress' can be manipulated.As shown above in the table, that is the specific range in which Shitaji clan members have domain over with .

    Note: This is an ability that can be turned off, for obvious purposes. Once turned on, it has to be done in a place where you don't want anything destroyed. Meaning in an open space area. If this was to be turned on in a house, the whole will simply be turned into dust in seconds Desert Release After the desertification technique have been activated, everything that have been done to wil be completely manipulated into raw chakra though somewhat mixed up with every dust particle around the user. Just like the desertification technique range, this desert release can only be used within the range of the clan's chakra fortress not farther. Anything outside the range of the clans jutsu cannot be manipulated at all. Once the Desert Techniques are out of the range, they are useless and cannot be used Desert is the combination of Fuuton and Doton elements. Desert Release is a powerful release that allows the user to dissolve hard substances at the molecular level and turn them into dust or make them as light as dust Because Desert Release is rather hard to use and manipulate all Jutsus have to be B rank or above jutsu

    NOTE: Though everything upon touch becomes into dust, this cannot be done to a living creatures at all. It will have no effect what so ever .

    States: N/A

    Kekkei Genkai Traits: N/A


History of Clan:It was unsure how long this clan had been in villages across the nation, but many know that this clan has been around for as long as many can remember. They have had royalty in their clan ever since their beginning which only the elders would probably know. Not many known of this clan on these specific villages nevertheless they don't even know of these clansmen outside these villages. Only those with high ranks that are involved with council knows about this clan's powers and what they can do. During the time of the Great ninja wars, this clan did not associate nor did they agree with the ideals of no one at that time. Strangely enough though they have made more associations with the people they work for, now and are in actual agreement to their Kage's wishes. Their powers are great, though not many are around to this day. Because the clan is really old, almost ancient there aren't many, only about one person from each village at the time. Though some more might have been around hiding from the world, to not get into trouble. Though that's something they are most known for.

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PostSubject: Re: Shitaji Clan   Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:48 pm

More on the history of the clan please. Two paragraphs, if possible.

Please edit the radius as follows... If you think it's too low, I'm willing to negotiate.

Genin - 8
Chunin - 12
Jounin - 24
Kage - 36

If you want the radius' to be higher, than reduce the effect that you have on items/soil/atmosphere

Can this ability be controlled, or is the effect automatic?


Can you willingly stop and start the desertication of things around you? Or does it simply happen?

If it is not controlled, then please add the following restrictions;

Genin = 1/4 Desertification - 25%
Chunin = 1/2 Desertification - 50%
Jounin = 2/3 Desertification - 66%
Kage = 4/5 Desertification - 80%

Learn my name, and love it. Or you can fear it, you choose :3

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Shitaji Clan
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