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     Dobutsu Youshiki [WIP]

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    PostSubject: Dobutsu Youshiki [WIP]   Fri Nov 02, 2012 7:57 pm

    Basic Character Information:

    Name: Dobutsu Youshiki
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Clan: Youshiki

    Looks: He has brown hair, with piercing green blue eyes. His hair is cut short for battle purposes, so that his hair doesn't get in the way. He has a medium build, with very little fat on him, instead being very muscly. He usually doesn't wear any extra stuff, but sometimes he will wear a fabric mask over the bottom part of his face.

    Personality: He is very funny, wishing to keep everyone happy rather than being sad, angry, irritated, etc. He can be serious, when needed to be, but he prefers to keep things light. He is very loyal to his friends, doing anything he would need to to keep his friends or those he loves safe. He is very good with the girls, but sometimes he just doesn't know what to say. This makes him seem like an enigma, being outspoken one moment and shy the next.

    Basic Clan Information

    [Optional, may not apply]
    Name of Clan: Youshiki
    Kekkei Genkai: Youshiki Koutai
    Description: Those of the Youshiki clan have the unique ability to shape shift from form to form. All those born of this clan have an animal form and usually are born in the half sense. This changing of form cannot be controlled until the age of three, and even then it is difficult to maintain a single form throughout the day.

    This clans unique ability allows them many different forms and abilities, for instance if another type of form is introduced to them through means of seals they can take that form at will, be this form human or even just qualities of other humans such as male or female. They can also change between various animals once those are brought into their knowledge of shifting.
    Special Effect: Can change from form to form at will and gains abilities like that of whatever they are forming into.
    Link: [url=]http://narutor.forummotion.com/t1251-youshiki-koutai?highlight=youshiki[/url]

    Skill and Rank Information

    Village: Konohagakure
    Rank: Chuunin

    Special Characteristics: Can change into different animals at will. Is also a master of Xingyiquan, or "Form/Intention Boxing", an explosive and powerful form of martial arts. Is also learning Bājqun, or when in full name is called "Open-Gate Eight-Extremities Fist", which is also an explosive and powerful martial art.
    Special Effects: Can have different parts of an animals body on formed onto his body. Is exceptionally fast, due to him training in Taijutsu.

    Elements: N/A
    Skills Specialties: Taijutsu



    History and RP Sample

    Around 14 years ago, there was born a cute baby from the Youshiki clan. His father, Charuzu, was a well trained Jounin in his clan. His mother, Sandora, was a very well respected doctor within the clan, knowing a lot of medical herbs. But soon after the baby was born, they moved to Konohagakure, not wanting their son to grow up a monk and spending his days in devotion to some god. For you see, his parents were not the religious type. They didn't want their son to waste whatever talents he had.

    Toddler ARC
    Around the age of three, Dobutsu shifted into his first animal. While his fathers had been a fox, Dobutsu's turned out to be a cub. Since he couldn't control his form very well, his father trained him through his life.

    Academy ARC
    At the age of eight, his father enrolled him in the Academy, for his father knew that there was certain training he could not give his son. But, even after the day at the Academy was over, his father stilled trained him in Taijutsu, for that was the skill their clan was most adept at, apart from form shifting. Form shifting was also trained even after the Academy day was over. After two years of intense training, Dobutsu graduated from the Academy and was made a full fledged shinobi. Just before this though, he mastered his first form, and was now able to control his first form, becoming a bear or half bear man. He started working on other forms to increase his strength.

    Squad ARC
    After the Academy, Dobutsu was put into a three man with two people he had never met, Hana, a very pretty girl who was shy and unassuming, and Yujin, who was a class clown and always needed attention. Along with their squad leader, Rakki, they went on many missions together. At first, the chemistry was weird between the teammates, but as time grew they became good friends, always found hanging out after missions and joking around with each other. Dobutsu was about twelve and a half when he mastered his first martial arts and began working on his second, both of which were very powerful and explosive.

    Chuunin ARC
    At about thirteen and a half, the team decided to take the Chuunin exam, so that they could progress through the ranks. This was passed with flying colors, thanks to Hana's great Genjutsu use, Yujin's surprisingly good Ninjutsu, and Dobutsu's amazing Taijutsu and form shifting. After becoming a Chuunin, Dobutsu decided to focus on training more than going through the ranks. He decided to train to become an amazing Chuunin, and then he could work on progressing through the ranks. He worked, until he was able to master seven different forms, be able to adequately combine some forms with other forms, and then becoming quite proficient in his second martial arts form, though he hasn't mastered it yet.

    Rp Sample: This will be during Dobutsu's time as a Genin in his squad. [i] It was a cold day, for the seasons had just changed from summer to fall. Even in Konohagakure, the Village of Fire, it still got cold and still snowed, though maybe not as much as the Land of Snow. The trees were just changing color, from green to red, or yellow, or orange. The squad of Dobutsu, Hana, and Yujin were in a clearing in a forest on the outskirts of the village. Their leader, Rakki, had told them to come here, though for what purpose he would not say. The three GEnin simply followed their squad leaders orders, though Yujin could be stubborn sometimes and ask, "Why this?" or "Why that?". But they came, knowing that their leader would not like them to be late. They all stood in the clearing, waiting for their leader. They waited for what seemed like hours, when in reality it was only a few minutes, when suddenly their leader popped out of the trees. "I am sorry it took so long for me to get here, but I had to stop and get some supplies for our little training session today" Rakki said. "Training session?", the squad asked. "Yes. I feel as though we have not been up to par in our missions lately, so I have set up a little
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    PostSubject: Re: Dobutsu Youshiki [WIP]   Tue Nov 20, 2012 7:12 pm

    hey didnt expect to see my own clan reposted on here lol, was approved long ago, youshiki koutai (doubt it has been "unapproved")
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    Dobutsu Youshiki [WIP]
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