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 Yuui -[Saruno's Blade.]-

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PostSubject: Yuui -[Saruno's Blade.]-   Sun Feb 28, 2010 1:11 pm

Name: Yuui.
Rank: S+
Material: Materite.
Appearence: Yuui's appearance as a normal blade is not really her style, but her favorite colors are set in place. Within the slowest version of her blade-form, she has a large sword in place of her normal body. This blade is about 9' in total length, and has the ability to shift it's tip with a small spike for the tiniest reaches to engage in battle. This spike can only be used once in it's current, normal state, and has the only slightest ability to shoot a distance of 10m, and no father at a very fast pace. It begins to slow down at the rate of 50kph. Within such occasions, on Saruno's change to the berserk states, the form of the blade reaches some places, in others'. But, this ability is limited by the amount of chakra Saruno has stored within it's crystal at the base of the blade, directly on the front of the hilt. Within such matters, this is released, and beginning to let Yuui begin to break from her knowing prison. All state of this are probably the same. Only change there is, is the color of the hilt and the crystal.
Owner: Saruno Kazura.
Decription: Yuui has dozens of special abilities, due to being the second most powerful Blade of Chaos, a Tou no Ranmyaku no less. But having such power, limits Saruno's abilities by almost 3/4's of his total chakra, and his emotional standards as well. Within six certain states, Saruno has absolutely no control over his own actions. These are obviously known as the 'Berserk' states. Within six states, Saruno can only go up to the 3rd state, at his own emotional will. But, the other 4 are completely forbid by Yuui herself. Other than that, Yuui is completely mixed by Saruno's special abilities and elemental affinities. Such as Raiton and Fuuton. The wings are just luck to her.

First Berserk State: Simple Rage C rank

Duration: Up to 6 Posts, Max.
Saruno has a certain advantage in this stage, but since his chakra is fully locked in the setting of the first stage, Saruno can unlock only about 10% of that dormant chakra within Yuui itself. That's about the 1/100 of a normal chakra of a Genin. At this certain state of mind, Saruno's eyes begin to go bloodshot, and his strength increasing only about 5% at the most. Not much for the first berserk state, but also just a little advantage when in a minor-danger state.

Second Berserk State: Double Darkness B Rank
Duration: Up to 5 posts, Max.
Within such of a state, Saruno's nails begin to grow a little out of control, going to about 4-5" in total length, a bit little to tear someone's heart out of their bodies. At this release of limits, Saruno is able to use 20% of his total chakra stored in Yuui. About 5/12's of a normal Chuunin level of chakra. Still not much to be known. But, also, within this current state, Yuui is able to speak only few words out of Saruno, but is pushed back in due to Saruno's will power.

Third Berserk State: Yuui's Semi Release A Rank
Duration: Up to 4 posts, Max.
Within such of this state, Saruno is able to control 35% of his total stored chakra within the blade of Yuui. But, at a small price. At the release of this berserk state, Saruno must first be in a total shock of rage and pain. The power of Yuui will begin to break down Saruno's muscular wall near his heart and lungs, but at a very slow and non-lethal pace. But in the more violent states, the rate will go faster. As for his strength, he can conjure up maybe 7% more strength than his normal rate.

(Locked)Fourth Berserk State: Crumbling Chaos A rank
Duration: 5 Posts, Max.
Within such a state of mind, Saruno is able to conjure up 42% of the total stored chakra within Yuui. But, with also of this unlocked motion of pressure on him by his will, either heightened to the max, or totally weakened by will, Yuui will begin to take over Saruno's mind a bit easily. Such power Yuui possesses by the time this is opened. Yet, this state is nearly unreachable by Saruno himself. Either in a drastic situation, or near-death, can unlock this state alone. Nothing else is really increased. Except for a very small 8% strength increase.

(Locked)Fifth Berserk State: Oblivion of Yuui
Duration: 5 Posts, Max.
At this dark state of mind, Saruno must first be under extreme pain of heart, a near-death experience, and a loss of a loved one. This emotional trauma will result in the release of this state. Saruno's rational mind will not be able to tell friend from foe, as Yuui's root of her spirit will begin to break down Saruno's normal cells, and replace them with just a slight bit more powerful cells of her own. Yet at this state, Saruno may not open this no less than 10 posts, and 2 topics from the opening of the fourth berserk state, unless under very drastic measures. His total chakra increase will be up to at least 75% from the total amount stored in Yuui over a Five-Year channeling within the crystal on the blade.

(Locked, a lot)Sixth Berserk State: Yuui's Spirit!
Duration: 7 posts, Max. And/or Saruno's will is released.
At the final stage of the Yuui Berserk state, Saruno's cells are now demolished, and are replaced by Yuui's bodily form, and mind. Saruno's life force is limply now within the blade of Yuui. But, at this state of mind, Yuui is in full control of the body, and doesn't have the berserk rage of Saruno in the previous stage. But, at some measures, Saruno may be released back into the body, and turned back, if of a good force of will, will get him back into reality. After this, the Fourth through Sixth will be locked for a Month. (Rl Time) If she is connected to Saruno's bodily form for more than 4 posts, his entire body will be destroyed, along with Yuui. If both characters are killed, both the blade, and Saruno die, within the limitation of the post limit.
History/Orgin: Yuui isn't just another sword with a fine silver blade, no, not just a sword you cut stuff with. She is a living spirit, being dormant in the blade's interior for nearly four millennium. Yuui was the Spirit of Lightning itself, thus giving Saruno the ability to use Raiton in the first place. But, over time, Yuui began to lose her powers for being stuck in such a form for so long. Her abilities were nearing death, so was her lifespan as well. But, in the midst of defeat, in the lake bottom of Kirigakure no Sato, Saruno just happened to be diving in the waters, and grabbing the blade from it's rocky depths, and pulled her from the sealing stone. Not any hundred shinobi, not in a million shinobi, could pull it from that sealing stone unless she chose it's wielder. And it happened to be Saruno. Due to the fact that his father had a Blade of Fate, surprisingly enough, The Blade of Fate's Spirit was one of Yuui's past boyfriends...*Cough* Seriously enough, she was hoping to see him again, but, after long-seeing Saruno in action, she has now a tone with him, instead of her long-seen boyfriend.

About 4 and a half millennium ago, Yuui was just a normal girl, like anyone else, with normal girl things, like thinking about boys, weddings, kids, anything. But, the real problem was, she was a master swordsman, and had a various way with her sword. The blades of Chaos play swords were one of the most popular kinds of swords around she just loved to play with them, along with her brothers and sisters, they were all so happy back then. About the time she reached the age of 18, she had a special blade made, of a very rare and exotic mineral, one that couldn't be easily broken, not at all. The sword smith had a very rough time trying to mold a sword out of the mineral. She had to help, along with the same type of rock. She constructed the sword of her sealing. The blade came out the shiniest in her village, which was the attraction to most of her proposals back then. But, after one fight with a special Fuuinjutsu master, after a death-defying fight with her own spirit and soul, the Master sealed her body, soul, and mind into her own blade, the black mineral absorbing her soul, preserving it for nearly 5 millennium. After time passed, she was known as the Blade of Chaos, Yuui, the Sword of Power. This was her name as the blade of chaos, #2 in line of power, the #9 made.

Time passed before her silver shine, the rocks and villages growing old, eroding away, and making a new. Her vision did not grow weak and thin, but her soul was preserved at the exact age of 18, nothing has changed since then. Maybe in one term, she could one day, be released. But, that time wouldn't come, unless Saruno had lost his full will power, and his diminished mind. Only then, would she begin her new, transformation. He had obtained this blade, under the chilling cold of the wintry grasp of water in the land of Kirigakure no Sato, at the age, of 16.
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Yuui -[Saruno's Blade.]-
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