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 The Nameless Boy

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PostSubject: The Nameless Boy   Sat Nov 08, 2008 4:35 pm

Basic Character Information:
Name: -Nameless-
Age: 9
Gender: Male
Rank: Wandering Civilian
Village Formally Kirigakure


The boy has a personality to fit almost anyone around him, besides for the people that hate him. When people do hate him he never seems to know why and says that people just seem to hate him. Around people he considers close friends he can get along very well and acts himself, around people that seem like temporary friends he acts like them and tries to blend in. He is a secret submissive and doesn't really realise it. He is too young to understand that ether, even when he feels like that he will never admit it. He has macrophilia, minor podophilia and vorarephilia as well. He refuses to admit any of it and doesn't even notice he has any of this. He doesn't show it besides around people he trusts, and not many if any. He keeps it in his dreams if anything, the probablity of him telling anyone is extermly slim. He can be very inteligent at one moment but dim witted at the next, hard to tell which he really is.

History and RP Sample
The boy was born in Kirigakure. His family was nomadic and moved out of the village within a few weeks after he was born. He was raised by them until he was four. Then he got lost and left behind. He went in the opposite direction looking for them. He never found them. He spent most of his time crying and panicing. He didn't know how to get on without them. He would have to get over it, he always told himself, he also told himself he would find them one day. He survived by living off of scrapes mostly, doing some odd jobs for money. It took his five years of living aone to get use to it. In all of that time he had forgotten his own name when he was only six. He never used it, and now he didn't have a name to use. He never wanted to give himself a name ether, and he waited for someone else he was good friends with to give him a name, never asking, never really wanting.

Rp Sample:
Streets, alleys, buildings, other things common to the town. They all moved past at a slow rate. They weren't moving much at all, the people surrounding them moved. Everyone wore something different, varying clothing everywhere. The tempature of the day was reaching past a hundred barely. Some people wore very loose and light clothes to make it seem cooler then it was. While others heavy clothing to block out the sun. The differences seemed to go on.

Very few people enjoyed the heat of this day and decided to not even bother getting out of bed. It was about 3 in the afternoon now and the heat was slowly dying away. Not a cloud in the sky, not for a while anyways. Weather could shift easily but it didn't seem like it was going to anytime soon. Everything just seemed to die as night fell. Like the drop of a pin everyone was glad the sun went down, but it remained hot because of the green house effect, this was no desert.

Hotaru just watched the village after nightfall. He had nothing better to do on this day, no reason to go home, no reason to stay out ether. Probably the second time he could remember actually staying out throughout the night, meaning there were about five other times. He smiled to himself and just walked through the streets. He wasn't doing anything and should really head back. Once he found a reason to go back anyways, it was a waste of time for something that had no point.

Hands in his pockets he fiddled with the steel ring that was on his finger, was there anything out there that was stronger then steel? If there was he would have to find it and harness it. Somehow, wasn't sure how, or just wasn't sure what to even look for. Thinking about this made him wish fire was a element or compound or any type of matter at all. But fire wasn't a gas, liquid, solid, or plasma. Such a depressing thing to know.

After going into that kind of thinking he began to wonder where he was again. He wasn't paying attention to where he was walking at all. He stopped and looked around, too dark to see any familiar landmarks and he knew he wasn't near his home. He was sure of that because his appartment was boardlining the forest, he didn't see any trees at all. He sighed and waited for something to jog his memory of which way was even North.
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PostSubject: Re: The Nameless Boy   Sat Nov 08, 2008 5:32 pm

~He seems extremely young for a Wandering Civilian, and his History is sad, but I really have no problem with this app at all, just a few questions. What is macrophilia, minor podophilia and vorarephilia? Anywayz, approved. Razz
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The Nameless Boy
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