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 Ichimaru Kazura [Remake 'cause I forgot my old Password] [Done]

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Ichimaru Kazura

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PostSubject: Ichimaru Kazura [Remake 'cause I forgot my old Password] [Done]   Sat Apr 11, 2009 5:46 am

Basic Character Information:
Name: Ichimaru Kazura
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Clan: Kazura


Ichimaru, has 3 swords, all named: 'Ichimaru Night Skies' which he uses the most, 'Koroskati', which unleashes a chakra extension to his swords. Last but not the least, 'Lichamarta', Which, if connected, continuously inflicts a poison type of substance, sticking around in the opponents body for 3 Posts. All 3 put together, can easily injure an ANBU/Special Jounin.

Personality: Ichimaru, being a Kazura, has a hot-head type of style. He has many different ways to express his anger, but does it mainly through fighting, which he loves to do. His best friend is Minoichi Kazura, which he gets into some mischief with. Mainly fighting is his passion, showing his best skills in sparring is something he has never done. Extreme talent and potential, but he never uses his best way.

He only ever goes full out and uses his full potential when in a death match or if someone has hurt or injured someone extremely special to him. Not many people mess with Ichimaru, because if they do, they would rather be dead than alive. Holding no grudges, there is not a lot of reasons to annoy him. Being a chuunin, he would rather be practicing techniques, then sitting around doing nothing and wasting time.

Basic Clan Information
[Optional, may not apply]
Kekkei Gekkei: Ayatsuriryoku. -Power of Manipulation-
Chakra Cost:

Itonami Fainda: 100

Seimei Kusabana: 150

Jinsei Ataenushi: 300

Description: The Kazura clan was founded nearly over two millennium ago, near the edge of the beginning of the continent's great divide. The clan had it's power to manipulate chakra around the age of the First shinobi war, nothing less. The Kazura have a distinct kinda of specialty to manipulate chakra to their own free will, shifting it to weapons, explosions, anything they desire. The Kunochi of the clan regularly train themselves for harsh conditions, sweat-breaking exercises, the worst they can imagine as for the men of the clan, they have to train to the brink of death itself in order to complete the training of which they are needed. The training includes the intense heat of the desert, for Endurance, along with that for the freezing cold of the tip of mountains. They trained their manipulation of chakra in each area, for their Kekkei Genkai, Ayatsuriryoku, can only respond to a great will, and a powerful mind and body.

Special Effect: The Ayatsuriryoku was developed by the highest ranking members in the Kazura clan around the time of the First shinobi war in the Continent. The members discovered the Ayatsuriryoku to be able to manipulate the surrounding chakra, their own chakra, into a formation of many designs and patterns to fit the need of the Kazura, and being able to use Genjutsu and Ninjutsu along with it. Similar to the Leaf ninja's Sharingan, the Ayatsuriryoku is able to use devastating Genjutsu and Ninjutsu. The Members of the Kazura clan are to be able to use Earth and Lightning elements in a well-patterned format if able to go to the ranking of Adulthood (Like the Uchiha, they had to be able to spit fire from their mouths in a great fireball to become an Adult.). The vision of the Ayatsuriryoku user was set up into Three different stages, the First state, the Second state, and the Third state. In some other kinds of ways, the Kazura clan member can alter chakra to an automatic chakra sensory device. Like in used for the ability to sense one's chakra, they can use it to locate and enemy and utilize it with a bit of ease, almost with no problem. Except for the fact that it follows the deadline for the effects, a member can't use it all so often, or the chakra network of that member begins to break down.

Link: http://narutor.forummotion.com/approved-clans-f140/main-branch-total-information-kazura-branch-t1171.htm

Skill and Rank Information
Village: Kirigakure no Sato (Hidden Mist Village)
Rank: Chuunin
Special Characteristics: Extended Strength when in a deathbattle.
- Losses: Tiredness/Fatigue
Special Effects: N/A

Elements: Raiton - Katon (In Training = Fire) (Lightning & Fire)
Skills Specialties: Summons.
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Ichimaru Kazura

Posts : 5
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PostSubject: Re: Ichimaru Kazura [Remake 'cause I forgot my old Password] [Done]   Sat Apr 11, 2009 5:47 am


Basic Jutsu's


Lightning/Raiton Jutsu's



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Ichimaru Kazura

Posts : 5
Joined : 2009-04-11

PostSubject: Re: Ichimaru Kazura [Remake 'cause I forgot my old Password] [Done]   Sat Apr 11, 2009 5:48 am

History and RP Sample

Academy Arc

Genin Arc

Chuunin Arc

Rp Sample:

-Copied from Minoichi: "I have allowed Ichimaru to copy my Roleplay Sample"-

Ichimaru woke up one morning, feeling drowsy. He got out of bed and pulled out a bowl, a spoon and a glass. He got a box of cereal and poured some into the bowl, then poured some milk into the bowl. He got some orange juice out of his refrigerator and poured some into his glass. After breakfast, Ichimaru was enthusiastic and ready to train. He set off to the Academy, feeling refreshed and ready for learning. After school, Ichimaru decided to wander off to the forest. He tried using his Hakke Rokujuu Yanshou on a tree stump, and the stump broke in half. 'I...I have... I've gotten stronger!' Ichimaru thought proudly, continuing his training. As he continued his training, he was getting more tired and tired every minute, as he was forcing himself to continue training, he could feel he was getting stronger and stronger. He went home and had good nights sleep, ready for another day tomorrow.

As he was walking home, he realized a man outside his house, and with a quick burst of exhillaration, he ran home, hoping it wasn't the guards of the Konoha village. "Please don't be, please don't be them" He whispered while running, and as he got into quick vision of the people, he saw that they had swords, katana's, and ran to the Ichiraku Ramen shop, calling for help, his parents were in such a trouble, they didn't imagine.

((RP Sample set back to Academy time))
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Village: Konoha
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PostSubject: Re: Ichimaru Kazura [Remake 'cause I forgot my old Password] [Done]   Sat Apr 11, 2009 5:52 am

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PostSubject: Re: Ichimaru Kazura [Remake 'cause I forgot my old Password] [Done]   

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Ichimaru Kazura [Remake 'cause I forgot my old Password] [Done]
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