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 William "Bill" Burgess

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PostSubject: William "Bill" Burgess   Thu Jun 23, 2011 3:13 pm

NAME: William "Bill" Burgess
AGE: 20
CLAN: Burgess


LOOKS: Bill is a tall, lean young man who weighs 137 lbs. He has long, dirty blonde, unkept hair that is mostly kept to the left side of his head. He has big black eyes (when he does not has the winanata activated), a stuby nose, and a small mouth that he always keeps in a smile. He also has pointy ears, a trait passed down in his clan. Bill also has long muscular arms and boney legs.

Bill mostly wears a black sweat shirt that he wears under a white and lack jacket that only covers the upper half of his stomach. He wears a belt that holds two pouches that he keeps shurican and kunai in around his waist. He wears white shorts that reach down to his knee caps and wrappings that completly covers his right leg and a scarf that also acts as his headband because he put the metal plate on it and wears a pair of sandles.

At age seventeen, some time after he fled his home village, Bill changed his apperance. He decided to let his hair grow and still, keeps it unkept, but now keeps it to the right side of his face. On his travels, he managed to get three scars on his face. He changed his clothing to. He now wears a white scarf that is cut at the end, a blue zip-up shirt, a belt, black pants, his headband (which now has a slash on it's metallic plate), black sandles, and arm bands (the right one has the toad kanji on it, in which he uses to soummon toads).


LIKES: Bill likes lots of things, ramen, training, reading, writing, but what he likes most is the fact that he lives in the Konohagakure No Sato. After officialy becoming a genin, he took an oath of pain, he stabbed himself in the stomach and said "Upon this wound I vow to protect the village, my comrades, and my family!". He also likes to say this before every mission he goes on. Bill also likes to hang out with his friends Fusaku, Yamato, and Hotaru.

DISLIKES: Bill does not dislike alot of things except for the fact that shinobi are just tools of war. He personaly told the hokage that he would make his own "way of a shinobi", his nindo, his own ninja way, in which after he defected the village. He also dislikes it when people make fun of his clan, him, or his friends.


KEKKEI GENKAI: Winanata (Wind Manipulation Eye), Wind Release: Great Carving Winds



LINK: http://narutor.forummotion.com/t2350-burgess-clan?highlight=burgess

VILLAGE: Konohagakure No Sato
RANK: S Class Missing Ninja (wandaer)
SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS: Great Speed, Great Acuracy, Winanta Dojutsu






BIRTH ARC: On a warm summers evening, a baby was born in Konoha Hospital, a wonderful baby boy soon to be named William, or bill as called by his friends. Bill was born into the Burgess clan, a clan with a special power that was not known much about outside of the clan, the Winanata also known as the wind manipulation eye. While his parents were worrying about the baby, his older brother Sasuke was thinking about something "more important". Sasuke was a counterpart for Iwagakure who had close links to both the hokage and tsuchikage, giving them info about each other's village to pravoke war, but neither of them had caught on... yet.

A couple days after Bill turned one, Sasuke attempted to kill the hokage which ended in failiure, thus fleeing the village for Iwagakure No Sato, making Bill's parents very irratated and decided to quit on their dream of Bill ever becoming a ninja in hope that the same were to never happen with him.

About two years later, Bill asked his father to teach him in basic ninjutsu, but he declined. After that failed attempt, he decided to go train on his own at the training fields. After a couple months of training, Bill had learned Kawarimi no Jutsu, Henge no Jutsu, and Bunshin no Jutsu. After a couple hundreds of times begging his parents and showing them what he had done with his training, they let him enter the ninja academy at the start of the next samester, two months away, so in the mean time, Bill learned the Nawanuke no Jutsu and the Bikou Ninjutsu - Shadowing Stealth Technique.

NINJA ACADEMY ARC: After alot of beggin and showing off to his parents, Bill was finaly aloud to enter the Ninja Academy. Bill got the best grades in his jutsu classes since he trained to learn all the jutsu that they would have taught a trainie there. Bill, in his free time, read books on advanced chakra control, since he wanted to be on the top of his game once he graduated. Bill had taught hmself the Kinobori no Waza - Act of Tree Climbing, Shunshin no Jutsu, and the Suimen Hokou no Waza - Act of Water Surface Walking about seven months after entering the academy.

One saturday night after coming back from the liblary with about six books on chakra control, Bill droped his books in awe, his mother was dead. His father told him what had happened, Sasuke came back to the village to try to kill all three of them, but could only kill her. Thanks to this, Bill unlocked to power to use the Winanata. For the next couple of weeks, Bill spent most of his time in his bedroom reading the books he had got from the liblary. After a month his father told him to get over it and get back to training. Bill did so and trained harder than he had ever done before. After another four months at the academy, Bill graduated from the academy with the nickname "Wisdom Seeker".

GENIN ARC: Along with another couple dozens of kids, Bill graduated from the ninja academy, the thing was, he was only six years old. After reciving his headband, Bill's father threw a big feast. The next day, he went to the training grounds for his teams first practice session. Bill was put onto team four with Ginka Inzuka, Shiharu Nara, and their sensei Kakazu Yamahaka. Kakazu decided to have the team preform the bell test. Shiharu and Bill decided to work together, thinking up a plan at the top of a giant tree where they could not be seen, while Ginka acted alone. After a failed attempt to get the bells, Ginka decided to work together with a teammates. Together they passed the test, Bill was also praised by Kakazu for his smartness and use of jutsu, being surprised that he could climb up tree's and walk on water at such an amazing level at his age.

After about three years of training and going on missions with team four, Bill had learned the Goukakyuu no Jutsu - Great Fireball Technique, Arrow Technique, Vacuume Space, and the team jutsu Gufuu Suika no Jutsu - Typhoon Water Vortex Technique with Ginka. Team four grew very close, becoming like a second family to each of them. Kakazu wtih the help of his team, decided to enter them into the upcoming chunin exams. Bill trained very hard with his team and then soon, passed the exam with the both of them and became a chunin.

CHUNIN ARC: After passing the chunin exams with Ginka and Shiharu, they all became chunins. Bill decided to leave Konoha with Ginka, Shiharu, and their friends Fusaku, Yamato, and Hotaru because they wanted to form their own "path of a shinobi".

WANDERING NINJA ARC: Bill, Ginka, Shiraru, and their friends Fusaku, Yamato, and Hotaru decided to leave Konoha to follow their own paths. Bill took charge of the group and decided to start calling them "Heiwa", also known as "peace". Bill started to fell that if he had his way, he could have ruled the ninja world long ago, so he decided the groups objective, to take over the shinobi world.

For the time being, Heiwa wanderd the world for a place with complete peace, but found out that it was not a place made at that time. Bill then decided that they would take over the shinobi world. Bill decided to team up with Akatsuki, another group of "peace seekers" to take over the Water Village, which resulted in sucess. After this feat, they had control over the tradeing routes with other nations on far away lands and decided to use the village as their base of operations. Next, Bill decided to take over the Fire Country. After four years of non-stop fighting, they saw that they could not win and decided to flee and go live on a far away nation off the coast of the Water Village, the Land Of Whirlpools.

About after three years of hideing, Bill decided to come out and give himself up. Now, after many years of hiding, Bill was sent to the Konoha Correctional Facility for ten years.

finish later

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PostSubject: Re: William "Bill" Burgess   Mon Jun 27, 2011 5:02 pm

Since this isn't finished, could you add WIP to the topic title? It'll let the mods and admins know that this app is still under construction... (WIP = Work in Progress)

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William "Bill" Burgess
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