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 Kira (not complete)

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PostSubject: Kira (not complete)   Sat Dec 03, 2011 4:39 pm


NAME: Kira
AGE: 15
VILLAGE: Konohagakure no Soto

APPERANCE: Kira is very skiney for his age, usally being able to fit in places that most of the kids his age can't. He has long spiky brown hair and blue eyes. He has a scar over his left eye. Kira also has a muscluar body tone and scrony neck. Kira wears a grey zip up shirt that he usally keeps unzipped, a finishet under his zip up shirt, a band on either wrist, light brown pants that are held on by a light grey belt, wrappings around his ancles, and blue open toed shoes with an open back. He also wears his headband, which is black and bears the Konohagakure no Sato mark on the metalic plate, as a necklace.

PERSONALITY: Kira is a very nice young kid. He was born into an unkown family that has gone extinct, except for him, and he wants to restore it. He also never knew his parents; His father had died in an ongoing war (which became known as the 3rd Great Shinobi World War) and his mother died right after she had given birth to him.

Other than his family, Kira has many friends. His best friends, Han and Carly, were put onto a genin team with him once they passed the academy graduation exam.

Other than being a ninja, Kira has expiriance at being a merchant and an animal specialist. Kira had loved animals when he was young, always wanting to be the best veternarian in all of Konohagakure no Sato. Kira also took up the ocupation of merchant to help fill in "lose ends".


CLAN: The Unkown Clan
KEKKEI GENKAI: Unkown Dojutsu, Secret Manipulation Techniques

*Unkown Dojutsu*: The Unkown Clan's unkown dojutsu takes the form of a shuriken. It allows the user to use the clan's other kekkei genkai; the Secret Manipulation Techniques.

*Secret Manipulation Techniques*: The Secret Manipulation Techniques are the 2nd kekkei genkai of the Unkown Clan. They can only be activated once the user has activated their unkown dojutsu. These jutsus give the user the ability to use all of the basic elements at an academy student level. And the elements can not be molded to make fire style, wind style, water style, etc.

Nobody knows what clan Kira hails from, so people just call it the Unkown clan. It apears to have, like the uchiha and hyuuga, a dojutsu. The dojutsu takes the form of a shuriken and it allows the user to use the Secret Manipulation Techniques. The techniques are the clan's kekkei genkai and it seems to be one of the easiest, yet most dedliest (when msterd), to learn in the ninja world.


VILLAGE: Konohagakure no Soto
RANK: Chunin, Veternarian
SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS: An unkown Dojutsu (it takes the form of a shuriken)
SPECIAL EFFECTS: Can manipulate basic elements with sheer will
ELEMENTS: Fire (Kira can manipulate all of the basic elements when he activates his Dojutsu, but he can only control them at an academy student level and can not mold them into fire style, water style, wind style, etc.)








Note: To whatever Mod reads this, please confirm these techniques before I waste my time to create posts for them and have them be marked as unusable. If they are marked unusable here, then I will delete them. Thank you =)



It was the hottest day of the year. All around the hospital of Konohagakure no Sato, people had complained about crying, but they didn't know that a handsom young boy had just been born into the world. His father; a man named Koga, had died in the 3rd Great Shinobi World War. And his mother; a woman named Hotaru, had died seconds after giving birth to him. The docters, who were aparantly real jerks, threw the baby in a nearby dumpster.

For three days, three long days ,the baby was not found. Not untill a woman, she was in about her 40s or so, found him and took him in. She taught him how to talk, walk, write, read, and use the toilet. One night, Konohagakure no Sato jounin walked in and killed the woman. The baby had found out that she was a criminal wanted for killing the Dimyo of the nebioring country. Again, the baby was on his own; This time for good.

Years went by, the baby grew into a handsom young kid. The kid had thought up of a name for himself; Kira. Kira had learned to fend for himself by the local orphans, who brought him in like he was one of their own. Two of these orphan had grew really close to Kira. Their names were Han and Carly. Han, to Kira, was lik the older brother he had never had. He learned everything from Han; how to fight and how to mold chakra. Carly, Carly was the same age as Kira. Kira loved her. He loved her more than the air they all breathed. One time, The 3 of them were walking to a nearby forest to make a little fortress, a home to call their own. On the way they had gotten very hungry. Kira, who wanted to express his love for Carly, stole bread and cheese from a deli they walked by. She thanked him, but it wasn't enough for her love.

After 5 years of living on the streets, all of the older kids had gone away to become ninja. Kira, Han, and Carly were in charge of keeping the other kids safe. They had wanted to become ninja, but they couldn't leave the kids alone. So they decided to train for a year to make sure that the kids were strong enough to take care of one another. After another year, the gang enterd the academy.

Kira enterd the academy with his 2 best friends Han and Carly. The 3 of them had always wanted to become ninja and wanted it bad. They forced each other to study and train so they could be ninja. They always got the best grades in their year, if not the whole academy. The teachers said that they were the best students tha they had had in years. All of the other kids looked up to them, just like the orphans had done. They helped them train and study. Kira ahd won the hearts of many many girls, making Carly secertly jealous.

After months and months, the time had come for the class to take the finals. Kira was up first. He was told to create 3 clones using the Bunshin no Jutsu. Kira had studied this technique and how to make sure that he didn't use as much chakra on the technique. He was able to create not 3, but 300 clones at one time. The teachers praised his action and granted him the rank of genin. But they were still stumped on how he could do such a thing at such a young age. Han and Carly also passed their finals.

Kira, Han, and Carly were put onto the same genin squad. Their sensei, Wabari, was rumored to give out the most grusum and grueling first exam out of all of the Konohagakure no Sato jounin. He told them that they had to each get a bell from him. He told them that if they didn't come to him with the intent to kill, then they would never ever get the bells. Kira, who was very impatiant to get started, created 500 clones and attacked him all at once. He then managed to use the Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu to hit Wabari head on. He then hit him head on with the Secret Manipulation Technique: Water Manipulation - Short Range. After some more fighting, all 3 of them managed to get their bells, pass, and thus becoming an offical genin.

Kira and the rest of Team Wabari went on atleast 100 missions before they Chunin Exams arived. Kira was so psyched to hear that his team was elegible to enter. He spent his time training an he made a few new techniques; he even found out how to mold his Secret Manipulation Techniques with chakra. Something that his ancestors had thought imposible.

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Kira (not complete)
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