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 Hiro's weapons and equipment

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PostSubject: Hiro's weapons and equipment   Fri Oct 10, 2008 5:19 pm

Senbon: (200x)

Description: Senbon (千本) are acupuncture needles, made of either wood or metal. Haku uses them as both throwing and melee weapons. Kin uses them in conjunction with bells and strings to activate a genjustsu. They strike a very precise target, but are often non-fatal. Senbon is most used by ninjas with medical knowledge.

Traditional use: Senbon are used in acupuncture - a Chinese medical procedure. The thought behind acupuncture is that pressing particular points on the body, pressure points, would adjust the inner elements of the body (not so different compared to the chakra circulatory and the Gentle Fist style), thus relieving ailments

Senbon Bag:

Description: A small senbon bag that can strapped to the waist or carried over the back. This bag is able to hold many senbon.

Smoke Bombs:
(2 per battle use)

Description: The simple smoke bombs puff out a large amount of smoke when detonated, this distracts enemies and can hide the user.

Flash Bombs:
(2 per battle use)

Description: Flash bombs are small round spheres that are attatched to a kunai knife, similarly to an explosive tag. Once thrown, flash bombs explode on impact, creating blinding flashes, used as a diversion. Shikamaru Nara uses these against Tayuya, using them to create shadows so he can use his Shadow Imitation Technique on Tayuya's Doki.

Metal Threads: (May be used 3 times in battle)

The metal threads are used to trap enemies. If enemies get tangled in the threads tightly, they can get sliced up or be wrapped up tightly. Probably what's a lot more effective is when Sasuke Uchiha wrapped up Orochimaru, he performed the Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique, causing the threads to light up on fire, burning Orochimaru. The metal threads can be attached to kunai, shuriken and senbon.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiro's weapons and equipment   Fri Oct 10, 2008 9:33 pm

~It's practically basic stuff, so I see no problems. Approved. ^-^
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Hiro's weapons and equipment
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